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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oyin Handmade Body Products

Oyin had a Memorial Weekend $5 sale on body products and I scooped up their After Bath Blended Body Oil and Head-to-Toe Honey Wash both in the Coco/Mango fragrance. First, I have to say that I love that these products each have dual uses, for hair and body. It definitely kills the multiple bottles in the shower that some hubbies tend to not like :D I'm in the process of trying to "kill my stash", so I'm trying to use up all the shower gels I have laying around.  Second, I love how they both smell, like that fresh natural, coconut scent. Not sure if I'm smelling any mango, but I definitely smell the virgin coconut oil that's in it.

The wash doesn't suds up a lot because it doesn't have sulfates in it, which a lot of shower gels, shampoos, bubble baths, etc, have to make them foam. Actually, none of Oyin's products have any harsh chemicals in them and by the time I get to my legs, I have to add some more to my pouf. Sometimes I mix it with other shower gels I have (Bath & Body Works for example) to get that sudsy effect that tends to go a long way. So you definitely have to use a little more than you normally would a regular shower gel with sulfates in it. The consistency is good, same as the oil, not too thick or not watery. Like most natural products, you have to make sure to shake it well since they tend to settle at the bottom.

The oil, I love how it feels on damp skin. It absorbs well and isn't too thick or watery. Your skin is left soft buy not greasy. I use it on my son's skin after his bedtime bath and I've also used it on his hair, it gives great shine. Hubby uses it on his skin and likes it too. Finally a unisex product that everyone can use! Plus since it's natural, I don't have any qualms about using it on my son. It's also recommended to use as a hot oil treatment for the hair, which I haven't done yet, as a matter of fact, I haven't used either of them on my hair as yet. That will be next! Stay tuned! ;)

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