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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Made-Up: MAC Selena Collection

Wow, I haven't personally seen a MAC collection create so much hype in years. Literally. I was able to get Dreaming Of You Lipstick, Selena eye shadow and the online-exclusive lipglass, Bidi Bidi Bom Bom during the pre-sale for MAC Select Devoted and Obsessed members. That was pretty painless. Then the usual happened, I decided I wanted to complete the lip collection, and maybe get more shadows, etc. So I was stalking with the best of them to get what I wanted. I got Como La Flor lipstick from Nordies as soon as it launched online, then Amor Prohibido lipstick from Macy's when they launched online. Then on the launch day in stores I passed by MAC Time Sq on my way to work and the line didn't look too bad and waited about 20 mins and got one of the two last Missing My Baby eye shadows and swatched Fotos Y Recuerdos shadow and told myself I didn't need a pink shadow. Then got to work and it haunted me so I called the MAC counter in Macy's Herald Sq and the manager put one on hold for me and I raced there to get it. Pathetic really. I wasn't a Selena fan per se because growing up in Canada, she wasn't that popular. But I did see the movie and loved it and when the talk of the collection came out in the Summer of 2015 the hype builded up. Then pics started coming out and I saw purple packaging and I was sold. This collection came about from the power of the fans. A petition went around and her fans signed it. A similar one is going around now for Aaliyah. I'm all over that one if it comes out. I hope it does. I absolutely adored her and even dressed and did my hair like her. I was devastated when she died.

Here's my Selena haul

Dreaming Of You, matte finish

Selena eye shadow, veluxe pearl finish

Amor Prohibido, glaze finish

Como La Flor, amplified finish

My shadows

Swatches of all lip products

Swatches of the shadows

Wearing Dreaming of You lipstick

Wearing Bidi Bidi Bom Bom lipglass and Selena shadow

Wearing all 3 shadows

I love everything. My fav lippies are Dreaming of You then Amor Prohibido. I haven't tried Como La Flor on my lips yet. My favorite shadow is probably Missing My Baby in terms of formula but I love Selena's color. I don't find MAC's formula to be the best and honestly, this was the first time I bought their shadows since my wedding in 2004. 

Friday, September 30, 2016

Style: Betsey Johnson x DreamWorks Trolls @ Macy's

Anyone who really knows me (hello sis!) knows that I ADORE Betsey Johnson's handbags and accessories! I'm obsessed with cheetah print (and all animal print really) and bright colors and this chick makes accessories with both?? Like you would get a handbag with bright busy print on the outside then cheetah print lining?? Come on now. I'm a walking hazard light! Awesome!! And this isn't a newfound love either, ever since living in Canada I've been drawn to her stuff, we'd see them at sample sales we would go to from the late 90's on. Then moving to NYC made it worse since it's more accessible here. Every Christmas I'm sure to get a Betsey Johnson stocking stuffer from my sister. She loves Betsey too. 

I was passing through Macy's yesterday to pick up an order (surprise surprise, I love Macy's too!) and came across this display: 

The colors immediately caught my eye. I'm not a Trolls fan really but still took a look. How can you not? I then started saying, "This stuff looks wild like Betsey Johnson", and sure enough, I bent the corner and there was her name. 

Checking out the Macy's website, it seems as though the prices range from $15-$140. I definitely need to get something from this collection. Anything. Well, maybe not the $140 necklace :D

Made-Up: Nine Three Beauty Confetti Highlighter & #FOTD Sept. 29 2016

As per my girl and fellow Blogger, Keisha G, I'm the Highlighting Queen and she ain't ever lie! I can't even remember what brought me to the Nine Three Beauty Instagram page but I saw a picture of their Confetti highlighter and I glazed over. I ordered it and shipping was fast.

I ended up using it today in my look

Eyes: Kylie Cosmetics Copper Creme Shadow (lids), Too Faced Peach Palette, Puree (crease), Georgia (transition) and White Peach (browbone). Liners- Tarte Cobalt Shadow Liner (wing), Urban Decay Woodstock (tail wing outline), Juvia's Place The Masquerade palette, Zoro (lower lashline), ColourPop Teaspoon (waterline). 
Highlighter: NineThreeBeauty Confetti. 
Blush: Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette, Amaretto & Rosé Spritz. 
Lips: Urban Decay Pandemonium w/MAC Brooke Candy Night Crawler liner.

Seriously, this lipstick lasts forever, this was my face that night right before taking off my makeup:

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Made-Up: #FOTD Sept. 28 2016

Omg this lipstick! I need shades! It's Ruby Kisses Pool Party with a little Bellegant Cosmetics Oasis on the edges (trying to get warm summer vibes). I switched to ColourPop Mess Around after taking this pic for work but couldn't snap a pic because I was rushing. 
Hair in twists for a twist-out

Eyes: Melt Radioactive Stack, Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette. Liners- Urban Decay Woodstock liquid (wing), Thrive Causemetics black (lower), Wet n Wild You're Always White (waterline). 
Highlighters: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Peach Goddess with a little Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit Pink Heart on top. 
Blush: Urban Decay Bittersweet.

Wearing Kylie Cosmetics Exposed lipstick and gloss

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Style: Atlantic Antic

I love going to this festival every year. Mainly for the food (because I'm greedy) but equally for the unique booths with accessories and clothing. The kids and I went alone this year while hubby did his own thing. I quickly realized what a mistake I made when I found myself paying for my stuff with my own money. And juggling my corn on the cob while trying to handle my daughter's and hers? Totally frustrating. Next year hubby will be there.

Here are my purchases though!

-Some cute pants, $20
-A New York City tank, $5
-African print earrings, $15
-Earphone Taco, $10. Genius idea!! The designer makes leather bags and she came up with the idea to make earphone tacos with the scraps of leather!
-Earrings, $5

Made-Up: #FOTD Sept 23rd, 24th, 26th & 27th


Eyes: Makeup Geek Cosmetics x Manny MUA Palette Frappé on lids to matte them out and look natural, Sora for brow bone. Liners- Avon Chrome Metallic Glimmerstick (top), Eyeko Eye Do from my Ipsy Glambag (baby wing), MAC Take The Plunge (lower), Younique Polished (waterline). 
Highlighter: Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit, Blue Moon. 
Blush: Becca Cosmetics Afterglow Palette, Flowerchild. 
Lips: ColourPop Cosmetics Fluffy Ultra Glossy Lips.

Eyes: Kylie Cosmetics Copper shadow and Juvia's Place Nubian 1 Palette. Liners- ColourPop Call Me (lower), Kat von D Trooper Tattoo Liner, Urban Decay Legend Waterline.
Highlighter: Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit, Bronzed.
Blush: Becca Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow Face Palette, Pamplemousse and Rosé Spritz.
Lips: ColourPop KaePop Kae.

Eyes: ColourPop LaLa, then Weenie (Kathleenlights) on top (lids), Juvia's Place The Masquerade Palette (Dalia, Chi, Burkina). Liners- Kat von D Trooper Ink (top), Urban Decay Accuse (lower), ColourPop Get Paid (inner lower corners and waterline). 
Highlighter: ColourPop Churro. 
Blush: NYX Crimson. 
Lips: ColourPop x It's My Raye Raye Stingraye. 

Eyes: Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette, Blackout (lids), Zone (transition), Stark (brow bone), ColourPop x Jaime King Alchemy (center lid), Paradox (inner corners). Liners- Thrive Causemetics black (lower), Urban Decay Legend Waterline. 
Highlighter: Becca Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette, Prosecco Pop, Champagne Pop. 
Blush: MAC A Little Lusty. 
Lips: Kylie Cosmetics Kristen.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Made-Up: #FOTD Sept 22 2016- Trying Some New Products

I'm trying out the bareMinerals barePRO Performance Wear Powder Foundation that I got as their free gift at Generation Beauty. I got the color Clove (#28) which seems to be a perfect match. I didn't do a proper match at GenBeauty because I already had makeup on and didn't want to take it off but she matched it on my chin. I used my Sephora #90 Airbrush face brush to apply it. Coverage is nice. I forgot to use my face primer today, oops.

I'm also trying out itCosmetics' SuperHero mascara from my September Ipsy Glam Bag. I'm a Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint gal so anything else just isn't giving me the effect I want. This one claims to volumize and lengthen your lashes but I didn't get much of that today. I'll keep trying. I think the issue is no other mascara seems to be as black as the Tarte one and that's what I need to make my eyes pop because of my lash color and skin tone.

Eyes: Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette, Blackout (lids), Makeup Geek Cosmetics x Manny Palette, Insomnia (inner), Aphrodite (crease), Sora (transition), Beaches & Cream (brow bone). Liners- Avon's NEW Glimmerstick in Chrome Metallic (top, waterline), Thrive Causemetics black (lower)
Highlighter: Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit, Star
Blush: MAC Spring Flock 
Lips: RK by Ruby Kisses Matte Lipstick, Navy Fleet

Made-Up: My Nails- Gel Polish

I got my nails done last week Friday for Generation Beauty because they looked super jacked up and I needed a refill like 2 weeks before that (they were a month old). They use Le Chat Perfect Match gel polishes at the salon and this time I chose Plumeria as the primary color, then Crystal Ball (gold glitter) and Top The Box Office (golden olive) as accent nails. I've been choosing 3 colors lately to spice it up. Before that I just had one accent nail on each hand (ring finger). The gold colors looked better together on the nail demos than they do on my actual nails but I couldn't be bothered to have her change it. A different tone of the glitter would have went better, more yellow-based and less rose gold. Oh well. 

Le Chat Perfect Match

Just in case my nail lady wasn't available I had started looking into those at-home gel kits because I planned to soak off my acrylics and try the gel polish application myself that night on my own nails. Thank goodness she had an opening so I didn't have to rush it! I still bought a kit after the fact since the SensatioNail Gel Polish Starter Kit was on sale online at Target and they had a beauty promo going on ($5 gift card with $20 beauty purchase). So I paid $18.27 since I already had a $5 gift card (from another beauty purchase that week, shhh). It still retails for $59.99 on the SensatioNail website! That was my main deciding factor among the kits I researched (Red Carpet and Sally Hansen being the others)--> I didn't want to invest too much. Plus this kit had good reviews anyway. I prefer the polish color selection from Red Carpet so maybe I can buy some polishes from them and use it with the system I bought (not sure how that works, I'll research). I bought the color Raspberry Wine because it was cheaper than the other colors offered. I can use the $ I saved towards a color I really want. The kit comes with enough for 10 full applications which is a bargain since it costs me $38 each time I do my nails at the salon, plus tip. Another reason why I stretch it to once a month! LOL!
The kit I bought

I'll do a post when I try it. Has anyone ever tried any of these kits?


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Made-Up: Some ColourPop Fall Swatches and #FOTD Sept 21 2016

ColourPop's Fall collection colors are BANGIN'! I seriously can't keep up with their launches though and have literally been flying by the seat of my pants buying whatever catches my eye. I purchased from their Fall Edit 2 Collection: TERRACOTTA, last week. Here are some swatches.

Hutch (Satin Lips), Mama (Matte Lips), Paradox (Eyes), Bardot (Cheeks)
Comparison of Love Bug and Mama

Their Fall Edit 3 Collection, DUSTY ROSE, launches tomorrow at 1 pm ET, here are some swatches from IG: ColourPopCult

#FOTD ft/Mama on the pout:

Eyes: Juvia's Place Nubian 2 Palette (Yaa, Kenya, Madagascar, Zuri). 

Liners- Kat Von D Beauty Trooper Ink (top), ColourPop Call Me (lower), Urban Decay Legend Waterline. I'm trying Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash mascara. It's not intense like my regular Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint.

Highlighter: Looxi Beauty Valley Girl. 

Blush: Becca Cosmetics Blushed Copper highlighter. 


Made-Up: Ipsy Generation Beauty NYC Goodies!!

As promised in my main GenBeauty post, here are all the goodies I scored throughout the weekend. Those who purchased a regular ticket like myself received a goodie bag on Saturday and one on Sunday. Ipsy OS Creators got more. The goodie bag lines were fluid on both days, grab and go. Based on this list of vendors, the only brands that weren't in my bags are Rock Your Hair, OGX, Say Hello to Good Legs and Nudestix. Not pictured is the nice vegan leather Make Up Forever tote they gave out and shopping bags from Eva NYC, Derma-E, Pur-Lisse, and Jouer (paper).

I have pics as well as videos from my YouTube channel below.

Saturday goodie bag on the left, Sunday on the right on top of the Jouer shopping bag
Goodie Bag #1- Saturday

Goodie Bag #2- Sunday

Unboxing Video of both bags

Brand Freebies
The majority of the brands handed out freebies in addition to what they provided in the goodie bags. I personally didn't get any dupes between the two which is great. When you visited their booth you had to give them the ticket from your Passport (received at registration with your lanyard and name tag) in exchange for your gift. The only one that I can think of that didn't give out a freebie was Quay Sunglasses because, well, they're sunglasses ;) I didn't get a chance to check out the following (some I didn't care to, like the hair ones, others, the line was too long): H2O+, itCosmetics, NYX, Essence, Absolute, StyleCode (not really a booth, but a stage area), The Estee Edit, Leaders Cosmetics, Marc Anthony, OGX, Josie Maran, Peach & Lily, Peek, Pixi, Say Hello to Sexy Legs and Vital Proteins. The lines were a pain, but part of the process. Friends were dividing and conquering where each would be in a different line with the others' ticket to claim both gifts. The worst lines for the weekend from my observation were Make Up Forever and NYX. Any line that involved makeup application, color-matching, brow grooming, facials, etc, took the longest. Some also had photo booths and little tasks/games you had to do to get your gift.

Oops, the Milani lippie is missing from this photo but it's in the video. I had already thrown everything back in the bag when I realized I didn't take a still pic, so had to take them back out :'(

    Unboxing video

I only bought 3 items, so proud of myself. Most brands were offering a show discount with no taxes. I bought a pair of Tarte's Cruelty Free Pro lashes in Flirt ($9.99, $12 retail), Jouer's latest Lip Topper, Tan Lines ($13, $16 retail, sold out online at the moment) and Royal & Langnickel's MODA EZ Glam Duo- Flawless Face set ($8, $9.99 retail).

As you can see, I got some good stuff so I highly recommend attending! Have you ever been to this or any other beauty convention?


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Made-Up: #FOTD Sept. 20th 2016- ColourPop Fall

I got my ColourPop Fall goodies in the mail yesterday. They have another Fall collection coming out this week. I can't keep up.

Eyes: ColourPop Paradox shadow (lids), Urban Decay Gwen Palette,  Zone (transition), Stark (brow bone) for natural look. Liners- Kat Von D Trooper Ink liner (wing), Skone Cosmetics Wine Doubler (lower), UD Legend Waterline. 
Highlighter: Jeffree Starr Cosmetics Peach Goddess. 
Blush: ColourPop Bardot. 
Lips: ColourPop Hutch w/MAC Nightmoth liner.