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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Made-Up: MAC Selena Collection

Wow, I haven't personally seen a MAC collection create so much hype in years. Literally. I was able to get Dreaming Of You Lipstick, Selena eye shadow and the online-exclusive lipglass, Bidi Bidi Bom Bom during the pre-sale for MAC Select Devoted and Obsessed members. That was pretty painless. Then the usual happened, I decided I wanted to complete the lip collection, and maybe get more shadows, etc. So I was stalking with the best of them to get what I wanted. I got Como La Flor lipstick from Nordies as soon as it launched online, then Amor Prohibido lipstick from Macy's when they launched online. Then on the launch day in stores I passed by MAC Time Sq on my way to work and the line didn't look too bad and waited about 20 mins and got one of the two last Missing My Baby eye shadows and swatched Fotos Y Recuerdos shadow and told myself I didn't need a pink shadow. Then got to work and it haunted me so I called the MAC counter in Macy's Herald Sq and the manager put one on hold for me and I raced there to get it. Pathetic really. I wasn't a Selena fan per se because growing up in Canada, she wasn't that popular. But I did see the movie and loved it and when the talk of the collection came out in the Summer of 2015 the hype builded up. Then pics started coming out and I saw purple packaging and I was sold. This collection came about from the power of the fans. A petition went around and her fans signed it. A similar one is going around now for Aaliyah. I'm all over that one if it comes out. I hope it does. I absolutely adored her and even dressed and did my hair like her. I was devastated when she died.

Here's my Selena haul

Dreaming Of You, matte finish

Selena eye shadow, veluxe pearl finish

Amor Prohibido, glaze finish

Como La Flor, amplified finish

My shadows

Swatches of all lip products

Swatches of the shadows

Wearing Dreaming of You lipstick

Wearing Bidi Bidi Bom Bom lipglass and Selena shadow

Wearing all 3 shadows

I love everything. My fav lippies are Dreaming of You then Amor Prohibido. I haven't tried Como La Flor on my lips yet. My favorite shadow is probably Missing My Baby in terms of formula but I love Selena's color. I don't find MAC's formula to be the best and honestly, this was the first time I bought their shadows since my wedding in 2004.