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Friday, March 25, 2016

Made-Up: Customized ColourPop Eye Shadow Palette!

I've recently gotten back into buying ColourPop Super Shock Eye shadows. My first order was May 2015 with the Summer Collection with Coconut, Nillionaire and Shark Attack shadows. They were so pretty! But then I couldn't find a brush that worked with them and the highlighters I bought in the same order (Tasty, Monster and Sticky Sweet) so I kind of gave ColourPop a long break. I don't necessarily always want to use my fingers to apply my makeup. The shadows weren't as bad as applying highlighters with your fingers. That majorly annoyed me. Then I saw girls in makeup forums recommend the Real Techniques Setting Brush for the highlighters. Yes! It worked!! KaePop launched in February and I was on it! Then I joined a ColourPop Facebook group (Hey, ColourPop Fanatics!)and it has been a downward spiral into the rabbit hole of buying their shadows because you see swatches and the products on the pretty ladies and get excited. Then I tell myself, "$5 a pop? What's the harm?" Oh wait, it's $30 minimum for free shipping? Oh well let me add $30 worth in my cart, etc etc. You know the deal. Now I have 15 shadows total. I bought 12 since February! Wait, what?! So needless to say since I've been using them more it has become a bit of a chore opening and closing these cute little white containers "to keep all the goodness inside" every morning, and I sometimes use 4 ColourPop colours in one look! I saw a few ladies in ColourPop Fanatics mention that they depotted their shadows into an airtight artist paint palette. At first I was like "Nahhh, I'm not taking the chance." Then spending what felt like half the total time of my makeup routine in the mornings just opening and closing containers wasn't cutting it. Then sometimes I have to reapply, look for the shadow, open it, close it, repeat, wahhhhh! I had the Martin Mijello Airtight Watercolor 18-Well Paint Palettes in my Amazon cart and saw that the blue one was $10.88 whereas the purple (my fav color) was $15. Yeah, I went with the blue. Plus I'm not sure how it will even work to go investing $5 more dollars, that's another eye shadow! ;) 

So last night I got my butter knife, Sharpie and tape out to get to work. It was so easy! There's a little groove right to the top of the jar when the cap is off and the knife fits right in. I wrote their names underneath with the Sharpie and taped them to the clear plastic insert in the palette. I got this all from the lovely ladies in ColourPop Fanatics, I by no means thought of this myself. I used regular tape as opposed to double sided because I feel like it would work better to stick the pans in because it could get tricky pressing them down because the double-sided tape is so flat since there isn't much of a ridge to press on (you would have to press on the shadows directly to get them super flat). Another girl in the group said she used velcro, I may try that next. It honestly took me 15 minutes from start to finish. I would say a minute per shadow. It will hold 20 ColourPop shadows. I organized them in rows by finish, Ultra Metallic (top), Metallic (middle) and Pearlized/Matte (bottom). I think I will purchase the rest according to the spaces left. Since the palette is made for paint, there are little wells in the main part that we can't use so essentially the palette is upside down in the way it functions as an eye shadow palette. You'll see what I mean in the pictures below. I kept all my containers in the boxes in case I notice them starting to dry out. Girls in the group have had theirs in this palette for over a month without issues. I just have to make sure to close it properly each time. Just like I do when screwing the covers back on the actual containers. 

This morning looking at it upside down was so boring so I got all arts & crafty and cut images from the little care pamphlets ColourPop sends with each order...and I kept thankfully. Inside I put the actual usage instructions and tips just to have them there in that empty space. On the "top" I cut out from the front of the pamphlet with the word "ColourPop" and used the inside image they had for the shadows. Then I realized after cutting, all that was left was the sentence "Super Shock Shadow", perfect! So I just stuck that on top! Ha! 

My pile after depotting the shadows. My Sharpie, butter knife and tape too, lol. 
Top of the paint palette. It's plastic, but a brushed look
Bottom of the paint palette, but top of the eye shadow palette. It's plastic
Shadows all taped inside the clear plastic tray which rests in the blue part shown above
Under the removable tray with shadows labeled and taped
Top part of palette above with the paint wells. That is the cover of the eye shadow palette
Tips & Tricks insert taped inside
Top of my customized ColourPop Eye Shadow Palette with my cut-outs taped on
I'll probably tape the images  down better, I just did the "fold tape under" method for now. I honestly enjoy doing this stuff! Now I need to find other things to stick on the outer part/rim (refer to last pic). I'm thinking stickers, or, ooh ooh ooh, glitter markers! Come out my inner child! Come out!