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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Made-Up: Swatch Comparisons with Jeffree Star Scorpio

You know how it goes, you get trigger happy, fall in love with a swatch online, buy it in the heat of the moment, then immediately ask yourself right after, "Wait, don't I have something like this already? Or many somethings??" This is what happened when I said I wanted Jeffree Star's Scorpio. Thankfully it doesn't look like anything else I have...really.

This is my first JS purchase, I ordered it when it launched on Saturday April 16th at 1pm, I got a shipping notification at 9pm that night, it officially left their warehouse on Monday and I got it on Wednesday. So great shipping. I love the packaging, the applicator and the color. I don't like the fragrance, which is addressed on their website because apparently it's a "thing". Once on, it doesn't smell like anything, so it doesn't linger. The formula reminds me of the NYX Lip Lingerie's. It's matte, but doesn't dry down completely like some other liquid lipsticks, so there's a little stickiness to it and it does transfer. All in all I like it, but I'm not in a huge rush to spend $23 with shipping on another one. 

L-R: Jeffree Star Scorpio Velour Liquid, NYX Embellishment Lip Lingerie, ColourPop Marshmallow Ultra Satin, Gerard Cosmetics Gravity Hydra-Matte, ColourPop Kapow Ultra Matte, B'ellegant Cosmetics Dainty Melted lipstick (not matte)


Made-Up: Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette

The minute I heard this palette was coming out I was interested. I've always like the idea of Too Faced's scented palettes, it's just that I have a nut/peanut allergy and I really couldn't fathom putting anything smelling like that on my eyes. Enter Sweet Peach! Omg, the smell is just heavenly! The colors are fabulous as well and very smooth. They didn't just make it peach-toned colors, they incorporated the color of the pit, the leaf, everything that encompasses the idea of a peach. Fabulous! The packaging is metal and so cute. I kind of wish it had a brush like the Urban Decay ones to encourage my laziness :) I purchased it from Sephora's website the minute it went live and had it in two days thanks to their glorious Flash Shipping.

Metal casing
Interior, already swatched
Swatches on NW45

Used Peach Pit, Just Peachy, Candied Peach, Luscious, Nectar and Puree

Mixed with some ColourPop colors

Luscious, Talk Derby to Me, Cobbler, Puree, Just Peachy, Nectar


Made-Up: Manny MUA x Makeupgeek Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette

Late to the party but I ordered the palette on the restock since I didn't think I needed it when it originally released. I must say Makeupgeek Cosmetics made that process as painless as possible and they were extremely organized and transparent about the eta providing updates along the way. Even their customer service was on point by responding to inquiries asap. I placed my order on Mar 22nd and got it on Apr. 14th. They initially said 4-5 weeks so 3 was great.

I have been using the palette mixed with other brands since last Friday and I'm in love. I mainly wanted it for Mars then Insomnia (which I made sure to use off the bat!) but the other colors are pretty as well and they are smooth and for all skintones. I appreciate that a lot of the indie brands and their celeb/mua collaborators are concerned with targeting ALL of their fans and followers (Jaime King x ColourPop is another). The packaging is also fab (palette casing is cardboard) and I love that he actually named the 6 colors he developed (3 are in the MUG permanent range) instead we of us saying, "I used the red one", lol. Here are a some pics:
Here I used Insomnia, Mars, Cosmopolitan and Frappe
Frappe in crease mixed with colors from TooFaced Sweet Peach Palette and ColourPop
Insomnia, Sora and Luna mixed with ColourPop colors 
Sora, Frappe, Cosmopolitan