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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What a difference a week makes...

This was my hair Monday May 19th on the left and on the right, Tuesday May 27th. A wash-n-go that gradually turned into a fro. Most people seem to like it bigger. I agree :D

Did my sister's eye makeup...

She went out to a party and I did her makeup for her using a mix of eye shadow palettes. Nice to get back into the swing of things. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Target Mini-Haul

- Sonia Kashuk eyebrow groomer. I really needed one, they either loose teeth in the comb or the whole top part snaps right off. This one comes in a nice hard plastic case and has METAL TEETH! Yayyy! It's over $8, but I'm hoping it will last longer. It's already more sturdy.

- Sally Hansen Limited Edition Salon Effects nail polish strips in Done to Scale & Adoryble. These are about 1/2 the cost of the regular ones because it comes in flat packaging without the nail file and the cuticle stick. Which I don't need anyway.

- Wet n Wild mascara and eye liner. I tried the mascara, regular, nothing fantastic. Haven't tried the eye liner.

- E.l.f. sharpener. I always lose these things. This is double one and it comes with a free little one for $1 something.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Avon Campaign 11 Order

I'm my own best customer but I didn't go nuts this time :D These are the demos I ordered:
- Avon Candy Sorbet lip gloss in the "Sweet Tart" flavor. 

Sweeten up your lips with flavorful color and shine! Each, .33 fl. oz.

Used daily, this lightweight 9-in-1 Dynamic Do-all body cream with age-defying complex does it all. Delicate blossom and green floral scent. 6.7 fl. oz.

9 Beauty Benefits for body:
-firms the look of skin*
-evens the look of skin tone & texture*
-diminishes the look of fine lines & wrinkling**
-restores the look of skin's youthful radiance
-improves the look & feel of skin's elasticity*
-provides 24-hour moisture
-transforms skin with softness
-nongreasy, nonsticky, & absorbed quickly
-provides UVA/UVB protection

*After one week of daily use.
**After two weeks of daily use.

- mark Neon Gaze eye shadow in the color "Sun Flash" (yellow). The orange is popping too, I may have to get that one.

Light up your lids with this dare-to-go-there, pigment-rich shadow, inspired by the season’s hottest runway looks. The long-wearing formula can be applied dry or wet for extra intensity! 0.02 oz. net wt.

When I try everything out I'll let you know. I love getting goodies!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Experimenting with Hair Color

I was doing my usual perusing of the hair products at Target a couple months ago and came across SheaMoisture's hair color. When it came out a year ago I stalked Target until I got tired and forgot about it. But every Spring I get a little antsy with my hair and crave change, so when I saw it, I jumped on it! And the more natural the better! This dye has both natural and certified organic ingredients, and no ammonia or sulfates. I had dyed my hair with Bigen's "Oriental Black" (my staple for many years) about a year ago so I was pretty sure the SM color would not take. Since my hair was so dark I went with their Medium Chestnut Brown color as it claimed to make black hair more brown. The end result wasn't bad, except some of the very tips of my hair were still black, naturally the roots took more. It was a subtle change where in the light you can see it and in the dark you can't. I liked the actual SM hair color system, it made my hair feel nice after. It also came in a great box and inside all the products were in a cute sachet with a tie, I guess that's why it's $14.99 which is pricey for any hair color I've ever used. We must also be paying for the organic and natural properties as well. I didn't mind if it meant my hair would be healthier. I actually kept the boxes. I may just rip off the flap with the artwork to keep instead. Apparently they're in the process of changing the boxes and it's been on clearance at Target's across the country. Not mine though since they claim they only recently started carrying it! I believe they're changing the boxes because a lot of people were having problems deciphering the actual hair color based on the water-color images. I personally don't see anything wrong with it since on the back they show you what color your hair will turn out based on its original color. Photo or water-color, you're not guaranteed the color on the box anyway.

Box and contents

L: Twist-Out, you can kind of see the color along the hairline
R: Wash-n-go, you can see the color a bit more

A month later I got a hair cut (I'll do a post on that later) and I tried their Reddish Blonde color to see if I could boost my color. 

L: is the Medium Chestnut Brown,
R: Reddish Blonde
It did but being the person I am, about a week or so later I started applying semi-permanent rinses to make it more vibrant. I make a mixture of various Adore and Jazzing orange/red/brown colors. I love this technique because every other weekend when I mix it, it comes out a different color! Fun fun! Buuuut this past weekend I got bored again and decided I wanted to finally try Manic Panic High Voltage Classic hair color. I've been wanting to for years and their color palette is ah-may-zing. I decided on Psychedelic Sunset and Cleo Rose, two of their newer colors, to put in the front only. I didn't want to go nuts doing my whole head. 
I first lifted my hair color with Clairol's Basic White B2 lightener (single pack) and Pure White Creme Developer in 30 volume (recommended for "extra lift"), not until it was white but lighter than it was, so more of a light orange/red. I purchased both at my local beauty supply store, the developer I had from before since it's a big bottle. I made sure to get those black ends too. I parted the bang on a slant and applied the Cleo Rose more to the bottom and the Psychedelic Sunset more on top. I used foil to keep them separated and sat under my hair dryer for about 20mins. It came out great! I love it! And those colors blend nicely with the rest of my reddish/orange hair (which I also re-applied). It's more tame with a wash-n-go style, but when it's more fro-like, watch out! Especially in the sun! Even my 6 yr-old son noticed and he doesn't notice a lot ;) I would say based on the color swatches above and my results below, it's pretty accurate. SCORE!

L: Wash-n-Go from the night before.
R: Close-up of the colors

Same day, more fro as the day went on

I imagine I'll have to re-apply the colors quite often, especially since wash-n-go's are my current "thing". That may get old quick having to deal with the foil and parting accurately so we'll see. I'm going to buy 2 L'Oreal color-protecting and preserving products and give those a shot, their Advanced Haircare Color Vibrancy Instant Shock Treatment and their Advanced Haircare Color Vibrancy Dual Protect Spray because I washed my hair last night to get it more "tame" for work with a wash-n-go and already I can see a difference in the color. Or it could be because it's in wash-n-go mode as to why the color isn't as pronounced, or the bright lighting in my office:

I also have to suck it up and wash it with more colder water. I've read on various Manic Panic reviews that that's key. The thing is I wash my hair in the shower and I like the water...well not "colder", lol. I just went outside and it's definitely still bright, must be the lighting in the photos. 

I think this is it though as far as coloring for the summer...*cough cough*...unless I decide to add a little purple...hmmmmmm ;)

M.A.C. Happy Go Lucky Lipstick

From their Playland Collection. It's in their "amplified" format, which is intense in pigment yet non-drying like their matte formats tend to be. A bit of shine. Goes on like a breeze.

My eyes are a mix of Urban Decay's Deluxe palette (Graffiti on the lid, Peace & Ransom under lower lash line) and Naked 3 palette (Trick on brow bone) and the L'Oreal False Fiber Lash mascara.

Friday, May 16, 2014

L'Oreal Voluminous Fake Fiber Lash Mascara

No makeup but the mascara
I was in the market for a new mascara since the last Avon one I purchased, AeroVolume, gets on my last nerve. Sometimes when you take the wand out it doesn't remove the excess so you end up with a brush full of product! Not sure what happens to the piece that stops that from happening. Anyway, my sister just raved about the Younique Fiber Lashes (yes, she started selling it) and it made a dramatic difference on her but when she told me she spent $35 for it I was like "Helllll naw!" I wouldn't wear it enough to justify spending that much! So I did a little Googling to see what I could find. I chose L'Oreal mainly because I ADORE their Voluminous mascara. I like it. It's definitely a lengthener and not so much a volumizer. There is no clumpiness, that's for sure. In the first photo is one coat (left, right is bare) and the second photo is a second coat. What do you think?