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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wig Review: Sensationnel Sage (Curly)

Still in the package

I bought this unit with my own money from last Thursday and got it on Monday. Fast shipping! It cost about $22 shipping included. My first time ordering from them and I will definitely buy from them again.

This wig is part of Sensationnel's Totally Instant Weave collection and the style is Sage. I got the color DXR991 because my last two units had red/wine in them so I wanted to be consistent. This color is a 1B/Wine/Red mix on the top and the back is solid red/wine. The curl is not too tight or loose. Just in between. I had to fluff it to make it look less synthetic. It has a lace U-Part for a more natural look. You can cut it and blend your own hair over it or leave it as-is. But because it's not an actual lace front, I don't find the lace part to make a difference because there are tracks with black thread on either side of the part that are bumpy and not easy to hide. Even though I cut a couple baby hairs to conceal it and tried to lay it down with my Wig It edge control. I'm sure I'm exaggerating but it is definitely emphasized because of the lace part right next to it. Also the area along the part is very shiny and not that convincing, the hair also forms a hump on either side that isn't realistic. All in all it's a good unit for the price. 

I did a video review on YouTube, check it out here.

This is the part. The white under is the styrofoam wig head

Back and under near nape of neck

You can see the color properly here

Friday, February 6, 2015

MAC Toledo Collection Oxblood Lipstick

Cute packaging!
The display untouched. I was the first person in the store.
MAC's Limited Edition Toledo Collection released online last week and in stores yesterday. I purchased the lipstick in the color Oxblood (matte) at my local MAC counter yesterday, it retails for $17.50 USD. It's the only color from the collection that is sold out online so I basically had no choice but to buy it in store! I adore the packaging! There is an inner box that slides out with the lipstick in it (bottom right pic in collage). They definitely put some thought into it. As you can see from my pic of the display, there are other items in the line, but I'm usually only interested in the lip products so I tend to focus more on them. The other lipsticks in the collection are mainly reds and all matte. I swatched them and find them to be too similar to each other (Tenor Voice, Victoriana & Opera). Barbecue is more orangey and Sin is a deep burgundy (not swatched) and actually isn't new. I also swatched their eye liners. They go on super smooth. The only one I would get for fun is the lime green, Chlorafill since I already have colors navy and purple eye liners.

Oxblood is a dupe of NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream in the color Stockholm. I have that one as well but application is not as smooth for me. NYX describes Stockholm as a "mid-tone beige pink" and MAC describes Oxblood as a "light peachy nude"which is weird since they're practically the same.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Younique Love It Bundle. Valentine's Day!

Younique has the cutest bundle for Valentine's Day! Check it out here on my website.

It comes with the infamous Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, the Precision Eye Pencil in Passionate (a gorg purple) and the Lucrative Lip Gloss in Lovesick (a hot red). All in a cute glam bag for $50 USD! The retail value is $59 USD, so you save money and get the cute bag! WINNING!

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Day 2: Sensationnel Vogue Crop Wig Curled

I sat down to put the curlers back in last night but after combing it out I liked how it looked with the looser curl so I left it. This is even after wearing my big winter hat!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Sensationnel Bump Collection Vogue Crop Wig Curled

I purchased this unit with my own money from Sam's Beauty to wear on New Year's Day to a party. This is the third unit I've ordered from them with no problems, always fast shipping. All have been from the Sensationnel Human Hair Bump Collection. I have been wearing the Vogue Crop ever since and love the asymmetrical style (back is shorter and it comes longer to the sides with a long bang) and color (1B/Sweet Wine). It comes pre-bumped (styled) and ready to wear out the box. I didn't do anything to it the whole time, no product or heat. It isn't a lace front, so it can look "wiggy"near the part area, but that isn't my concern as I don't hide that I like to wear wigs in the colder months. There is a comb in the back, but none in the front, so I put a bobby pin on either side to secure it to my wig cap. After wearing it for month as-is, I decided yesterday to curl it up. I wanted to switch to my Beshe Drew wig, but it looked huge compared to the straight styles I've been wearing the last couple months! That's when I got the idea to transition by curling my Vogue Crop and giving it some volume. The one curling iron I own stopped working after one use so I looked in my hair stash for my flexi-rod curlers. I put Carol's Daughter Tui leave-in spray and Lotta Body's setting lotion and applied the orange curlers (shown below) to the front and the grey (slightly larger) curlers in the back. Since I wasn't exactly sure how it would turn out and didn't want too tight of a curl, I removed the front last night a couple hours after putting them in and the back this morning since I did those after right before bed. This morning I removed the back then put a little wig sheen and finger combed it, it wasn't stiff or crunchy. I finished with Moroccan Oil's Argan hair spray (got it in an Ipsy box once) I think it came out great! This is my new "thing" for a bit ;)

I put the curlers while on the wig head
Curlers removed a couple hours later. Fast!

 I had bangs when I left the house but the weather was the pits