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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wig Review: Sensationnel Sage (Curly)

Still in the package

I bought this unit with my own money from last Thursday and got it on Monday. Fast shipping! It cost about $22 shipping included. My first time ordering from them and I will definitely buy from them again.

This wig is part of Sensationnel's Totally Instant Weave collection and the style is Sage. I got the color DXR991 because my last two units had red/wine in them so I wanted to be consistent. This color is a 1B/Wine/Red mix on the top and the back is solid red/wine. The curl is not too tight or loose. Just in between. I had to fluff it to make it look less synthetic. It has a lace U-Part for a more natural look. You can cut it and blend your own hair over it or leave it as-is. But because it's not an actual lace front, I don't find the lace part to make a difference because there are tracks with black thread on either side of the part that are bumpy and not easy to hide. Even though I cut a couple baby hairs to conceal it and tried to lay it down with my Wig It edge control. I'm sure I'm exaggerating but it is definitely emphasized because of the lace part right next to it. Also the area along the part is very shiny and not that convincing, the hair also forms a hump on either side that isn't realistic. All in all it's a good unit for the price. 

I did a video review on YouTube, check it out here.

This is the part. The white under is the styrofoam wig head

Back and under near nape of neck

You can see the color properly here

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