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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

MAC Cinderella Collection- Free as a Butterfly Lipstick

The collection released online on Feb 26th and will be in stores Mar 5th. There are other pieces to the collection such as lipglasses, an eyeshadow palette, mascara, powders, pigments, eye glosses and eye liners. As usual, the two lipsticks were gone minutes after launching. A lot of people were pissed and voiced this on the MAC Facebook page. There is a strategy to this whole thing I've yourself to your computer. I always aim for lippies. The other stuff is pretty comparable to other makeup brands I use and have in my opinion. I've gotten a bronzer from Rihanna's collection in the past which I LOVED, but then as soon as the shiny "R" on top was gone after use I was left with a pretty boring bronzer. I have Sharon Osbourne's blush, which I like. I missed the Royal Ball lipstick in this collection because I was literally on the train to work when it launched (in and out of service) so I just got this one instead. The lipglasses were there for a lot longer but I wasn't really interested since I always say glosses are a dime a dozen. Especially nude shades. Of course when it sold out I wanted it :/ I got my shipment yesterday, three business days which is great. MAC always is with that. I checked Macy's on my way to work on Monday and noticed the collection was up (I really should have my office on the train, LOL), so I jumped and ordered two Royal Ball lipsticks, one for my sister and one for me, and threw in the Happily Ever After gloss to make the $50 beauty free shipping minimum. The Glass Slipper lipglass sold out on me because I was so busy Googling swatches on my phone to see which shade I wanted. Turns out I got the one I actually preferred and wasn't settling, yay. Macy's released the collection earlier than the official date which I realized they did in the past with other limited edition collections (I always found out after the fact), so I know to check now. I don't think they had the whole collection up though, not sure if that will be released on the 5th. Apparently they will be the only department store to carry this particular collection. Usually at least Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's would carry them but Nordstrom responded to someone on Twitter a month ago saying they won't be getting it.

Since the lipstick is lustre, it has a shine. I wasn't happy about that when I heard but then I figured it goes in tune with the collection because when you think of Cinderella or princesses you think about glitter and gloss. Matte just wouldn't cut it. It goes on smooth and is not really buildable unlike matte formulas. It also has a little gold tint to it, very subtle. I actually quite like it, go figure since it wasn't my first choice. I do feel like I have a Wet n Wild lipstick (semi-matte) and gloss that are similar from their Halloween 2014 collection. 

Free as a Butterfly lipstick with NYX Nude slim lip pencil
Wet n Wild Please Flash Me! (3 coats) Megaslicks lipgloss from their limited edition Halloween 2014 collection and NYX Nude Beige lip pencil 
The packaging isn't as "enchanting" as I expected. It's kind of in vein with the Osbourne Collection. Pastel-colored tube with the name on it. The plastic also feels different from the regular black tubes (same with Osbourne), not as sturdy. The accents are gold on the box and on the tube though, which is iridescent I should add, so I guess in retrospect, there's your princess right there. Actually it does match my daughter's Fisher Price Little People Cinderella coach, lol!

MAC Cinderella Limited Edition Collection lipstick in the color Free as a Butterfly (lustre finish, no flash).

With flash
For something like Cinderella I was looking for more in terms of packaging though...what? I don't know (the Toledo collection packaging was FIRE!) I still wanted the lippies though. Which girl didn't love Cinderella? I even bought the movie last year when it was out of the Disney vault. *does princess twirl*


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