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Monday, April 20, 2015

Style: Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Close-Up of accessories/makeup
My flip-flops, had to match my daughter somehow! ;)
The collection launched today both in stores and online. I go to Target every Sunday at 8am anyway, but this week I decided to get there for 7:56am, lol. There was line. A big "U" from the entrance around the escalators to the other side. I was closer to the end of that "U". There wasn't a line for Toms/Annie, my first experience with venturing out in person to one of these Target launches. These women in the line looked like Lilly Pulitzer fans whereas I just liked some pieces in the collection for my 2yr old daughter regardless of who it was. I had a strategy because I had already gotten her the gold sandals that were online exclusives. I wanted to get her the jumper, it was in my cart but said I can see it and get it in store since it wasn't an online exclusive. This was around 4something in the a.m when I jumped out of sleep and said I would check. Darn it I was supposed to get up at 1! I got the "we're doing maintenance on our site" mess which means "our site crashed". I tried from my Kindle, same message. When I was finally in my cart I just checked out her sandals (got an email confirmation shortly after) then went back to bed. I woke back up around 7am and checked, her jumper was sold out. Crap, now I really had to get it in the store. Because we all know it then becomes a mission. And the bracelet I was eyeing sold out too, wahh. Fast forward back (wait, is that an oxymoron?) to the beginning of my post, when the doors opened there was a mini rush (the Target manager gave us all a mini talk prior about not running (lol)). My strategy, as I referred to above, was to go straight to toddler girls on the 2nd floor since I didn't want anything for myself, but I saw the tote (for myself, shh) that was $15 online so I bee-lined over there, grabbed one (shoot the price isn't on it, what if it's the ones that cost more?? Arrgh!) and headed upstairs. Of course of all days Target's escalators weren't working, so I walked up to toddler girls... No one is there. Tumbleweed. Yay. The other women had their own strategy, women's clothing first, then home, then kids. That was perfect if you wanted stuff from those categories. So I was all by myself in toddler girls happy. I got her jumper then suddenly the blue shorts and matching sun hat popped into the tote...which converted into my shopping bag, perfect! I checked out regular girls, no one is there, but I could see the mob at the home stuff. No thanks. I walk down the escalator (*shakes fist*, damned you Target!) and see on my way down that the whole handbag section is EMPTY. Wha'?? It was about 8:10am if that late! I went to women's because my friend wanted a scarf with pom poms...the color she wanted was gone of course. I grabbed a head scarf instead then saw the flip-flops and picked up a pair for each of us, why not? The only sizes left happened to be ours. That was a sign, no? I passed by the empty bag section which happened to also be where the jewelry was. The bracelet I wanted was online only so I grabbed the charm bracelet instead (actually I'm assuming this happened because I didn't think I did until I got to the cash, lol). Man is this thing noisy. Then I went to beauty to get the orange lipstick I wanted and the nail polishes for my friend. No one was there either. This is perfect. I was like a salmon swimming upstream. Against the crowd. I got the nail file too. Why not? $2 and you can never have too many and I love ones with prints and nice colors. The Essie nail polish and L'Oreal lipsticks were not new shades, just repromotes for her collection. The difference, the lipstick had unique casing whereas the polish didn't, only a LP tag around the neck. Great colors but seriously, I have wayyy too many nail polishes and I don't use them that often. I then decided to do my regular shopping. All the while I'm seeing women with multiple carts full of LP merchandise. The beach chairs and pillows were a hit apparently. I had gone up to home at one point and there was stuff but I so wasn't interested. I did grab a pet grooming mitt in that same area because it is apparently fab for cleaning makeup brushes! I then go back to women's and there is a mob of women just hovering waiting for others to put stuff back. It was something else. No actual fighting from what I saw. Then again I wasn't with the crowds. At one point I passed back by the bag section and the shelves were already stocked with regular merchandise...only things left from LP were the cell phone was like if nothing ever happened...poof.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Made-Up: Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette Now Available!

Like the blogger palettes of last summer, out the gate for this summer is the Artist Palette. It retails for $30 and you can get it at ABH or Ulta.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Made-Up: Anastasia Artist Palette

Available on the ABH website on April 15th. Already sold out on Sephora. Other retailers in April and May.
I absolutely love this palette and have been killing it ever since I got it! Favs are Beigely and Blue Velvet.

Made-Up: Lipstick & Blush Dupes!

Who doesn't love a good dupe?! Especially for MAC limited editions.

Dupes for MAC Julia Petit Linda blush
Dupes of MAC Julia Petit Acai lipstick
MAC Flat-Out-Fabulous dupes
Dupes of MAC Julia Petit Acai lipstick
Dupe of MAC Philip Treacy Hollywood Cerise
Dupes of MAC Toledo Oxblood lipstick