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Monday, February 2, 2015

Sensationnel Bump Collection Vogue Crop Wig Curled

I purchased this unit with my own money from Sam's Beauty to wear on New Year's Day to a party. This is the third unit I've ordered from them with no problems, always fast shipping. All have been from the Sensationnel Human Hair Bump Collection. I have been wearing the Vogue Crop ever since and love the asymmetrical style (back is shorter and it comes longer to the sides with a long bang) and color (1B/Sweet Wine). It comes pre-bumped (styled) and ready to wear out the box. I didn't do anything to it the whole time, no product or heat. It isn't a lace front, so it can look "wiggy"near the part area, but that isn't my concern as I don't hide that I like to wear wigs in the colder months. There is a comb in the back, but none in the front, so I put a bobby pin on either side to secure it to my wig cap. After wearing it for month as-is, I decided yesterday to curl it up. I wanted to switch to my Beshe Drew wig, but it looked huge compared to the straight styles I've been wearing the last couple months! That's when I got the idea to transition by curling my Vogue Crop and giving it some volume. The one curling iron I own stopped working after one use so I looked in my hair stash for my flexi-rod curlers. I put Carol's Daughter Tui leave-in spray and Lotta Body's setting lotion and applied the orange curlers (shown below) to the front and the grey (slightly larger) curlers in the back. Since I wasn't exactly sure how it would turn out and didn't want too tight of a curl, I removed the front last night a couple hours after putting them in and the back this morning since I did those after right before bed. This morning I removed the back then put a little wig sheen and finger combed it, it wasn't stiff or crunchy. I finished with Moroccan Oil's Argan hair spray (got it in an Ipsy box once) I think it came out great! This is my new "thing" for a bit ;)

I put the curlers while on the wig head
Curlers removed a couple hours later. Fast!

 I had bangs when I left the house but the weather was the pits


  1. Wow! I love the versatility! It's like it's a totally different unit! Awesome!

    1. I agree! Thank goodness because I was getting the "itch" to buy a new one! Lol.