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Friday, September 30, 2016

Style: Betsey Johnson x DreamWorks Trolls @ Macy's

Anyone who really knows me (hello sis!) knows that I ADORE Betsey Johnson's handbags and accessories! I'm obsessed with cheetah print (and all animal print really) and bright colors and this chick makes accessories with both?? Like you would get a handbag with bright busy print on the outside then cheetah print lining?? Come on now. I'm a walking hazard light! Awesome!! And this isn't a newfound love either, ever since living in Canada I've been drawn to her stuff, we'd see them at sample sales we would go to from the late 90's on. Then moving to NYC made it worse since it's more accessible here. Every Christmas I'm sure to get a Betsey Johnson stocking stuffer from my sister. She loves Betsey too. 

I was passing through Macy's yesterday to pick up an order (surprise surprise, I love Macy's too!) and came across this display: 

The colors immediately caught my eye. I'm not a Trolls fan really but still took a look. How can you not? I then started saying, "This stuff looks wild like Betsey Johnson", and sure enough, I bent the corner and there was her name. 

Checking out the Macy's website, it seems as though the prices range from $15-$140. I definitely need to get something from this collection. Anything. Well, maybe not the $140 necklace :D

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