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Monday, September 19, 2016

Style: Essence Street Style Block Party 2016

Strike a pose! Vogue! The Essence Street Style Block Party has been going on for 3 years in D.U.M.B.O., Brooklyn, where people come out in their hottest gear, hairstyles, accessories and beards (for the men!) and Rip The Streets! Last year was the first time I went, I brought my son (then 7) and we had a blast just people watching and hanging out. So I had to go this year. But then I realized it was the same day as my friends baby shower and open house at the dance school I signed my near 4 yr old daughter (Taylor) up for...yikes. Why is it that you can go weekends without anything to do then one DAY out of a weekend you have multiple events?? I had nothing to do on the Sunday yet 3 events on the Saturday! The plan was to hit the open house first with my her (my son was sick), then Essence, then the baby shower since that started at 3pm. We ended up skipping the open house because of timing and just went straight to Essence. I didn't have any outfits planned and anyone who has been or seen pics of this event knows it's a literal fashion show (hence the name). Everyone looks like their outfits were perfectly calculated months in advance! I managed to throw something together for Taylor first, then myself and even changed my shorts last minute. We were off!

We got there early when the crowd was light which was great since I had my her with me. Right away the photographers fell in love with her! I kept getting asked by someone to take her pic. And my girl was POSING okay!!? Like her little foot came out, hand on the hip, etc. I was baffled and questioned where she got it from then everyone was quick to point out where. (oh shut up!)

First pic I took of Taylor when we got there
We walked through the crowd a bit then went to the Kids Zone for her to color because this child looooves to color: 

She's coloring up a storm!

Then I had to coax her to walk around again because she would have stayed there all day. It was hot as all heck! It was the weekend after Labor Day, aren't we supposed to be wearing boots, fashionable scarves and sipping on Pumpkin Spice Lattes?? Nope, it was 90 degrees with no shade. But we made the best of it. I found out that Shea Moisture has a new company called Shea Girl that comprises of body products. They had a booth and I got a couple samples. 

Shea Girl booth

Taylor also got some bubbles there so she was good. More paparazzi surrounded her as she blew bubbles (lol). I was getting my picture taken too, don't get it twisted y'all! ;) Apparently my purple hair, outfit and accessories were a hit which was great because I literally threw them together in 10 mins. Throughout our time there we also hung out in the Archway area near the stage to hear what Vanessa, the Essence Editor-In-Chief, had to say (I love her!), Kelly Rowland, and to also take in some music and dance. In later pictures I saw that we missed Zendaya. She looked awesome in her purple pants!

Waiting for french fries, but posing
After eating, she created her own backpack in another kiddie area (indoors, yay!)  

Decorating her backpack

Getting her jewels added

Then got her pic taken by a photographer designated to that area that I emailed to myself. Adorable. We grabbed our signature Essence bubbles and went back outside.
Photographer pic

We checked out a couple more booths like Shea Moisture and Chevy. I didn't really go to shop so I didn't peruse the clothing and accessory vendors, but there were a decent amount there. We got various samples along the way and two fanny packs (I couldn't resist!) and buttons from Chevy. Then she started to get tired so we headed out at around 3 pm. Perfect timing. She fell asleep on the train :) 

Taking a rest at the Chevy booth

Tired and grumpy
This was a great event and I hope that next year we're able to enjoy it in its entirety because the pictures I saw on various websites in the days following of all that styling that went on after we left?!! Hmph! My people know how to come out and show out!! See you next year Essence!

By the way, we were featured on the Essence website, Instagram and I had a feature in Vibe Magazine online. Fun stuff. Some pics below with active links.

Photo credit: FabAmbitious

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit: K'Sandra Nova Photography
Outfit deets:
Taylor- Neon ruffle skirt, hair bow and socks, Children's Place. Denim shirt, H&M. Disney Frozen Anna Sneakers, Reebok.

Myself- Bodysuit from Denim boyfriend shorts, Old Navy. Earrings, mark (Avon). Necklace, Frugal Finds NYC. Sunglasses, Sunglass Spot. Socks, can't remember they're so old! Shoes, Puma Fenty Trainers. 



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