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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Made-Up: My Nails- Gel Polish

I got my nails done last week Friday for Generation Beauty because they looked super jacked up and I needed a refill like 2 weeks before that (they were a month old). They use Le Chat Perfect Match gel polishes at the salon and this time I chose Plumeria as the primary color, then Crystal Ball (gold glitter) and Top The Box Office (golden olive) as accent nails. I've been choosing 3 colors lately to spice it up. Before that I just had one accent nail on each hand (ring finger). The gold colors looked better together on the nail demos than they do on my actual nails but I couldn't be bothered to have her change it. A different tone of the glitter would have went better, more yellow-based and less rose gold. Oh well. 

Le Chat Perfect Match

Just in case my nail lady wasn't available I had started looking into those at-home gel kits because I planned to soak off my acrylics and try the gel polish application myself that night on my own nails. Thank goodness she had an opening so I didn't have to rush it! I still bought a kit after the fact since the SensatioNail Gel Polish Starter Kit was on sale online at Target and they had a beauty promo going on ($5 gift card with $20 beauty purchase). So I paid $18.27 since I already had a $5 gift card (from another beauty purchase that week, shhh). It still retails for $59.99 on the SensatioNail website! That was my main deciding factor among the kits I researched (Red Carpet and Sally Hansen being the others)--> I didn't want to invest too much. Plus this kit had good reviews anyway. I prefer the polish color selection from Red Carpet so maybe I can buy some polishes from them and use it with the system I bought (not sure how that works, I'll research). I bought the color Raspberry Wine because it was cheaper than the other colors offered. I can use the $ I saved towards a color I really want. The kit comes with enough for 10 full applications which is a bargain since it costs me $38 each time I do my nails at the salon, plus tip. Another reason why I stretch it to once a month! LOL!
The kit I bought

I'll do a post when I try it. Has anyone ever tried any of these kits?


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