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Friday, July 15, 2011

My Hair Today, Fri July 15th

What I did:
So yesterday I did that awful wng with CJSL and HE Set Me Up gel. I didn't want to wash it out and do another wng, so I decided to do a twist-out ("twist" is what you do to set it, "out" is when you take them out to produce the style).

Last night I spritzed section-by-section with water, combing it out (bottom to root, never the other way around which causes breakage), then did flat two-strand twists going back. Maybe about 6 of them total. For the bang, I did two twists going forward and instead of leaving it long and hanging, I twisted them up into knots on top of my head. By doing this, it shortens them and gives a nice bouncy curl. Naturally, the less twists you do, the bigger the curl. I didn't really have to put anymore product in it when I did the twists because it already had the leave-in and gel from that morning.

This morning I took them out and sort of fluffed my hair to get rid of the parts. I didn't like how the sides looked just like that, so I kind of twisted each side a bit and put a bobby pin. The bang, I pulled a bit to the side and tucked in pieces securing it with bobby pins as well. Et voila!

Lip gloss is mark. Lots of Lacquer Super Color Lipgloss in the shade FEVER

These are my Aye'Shanti Designs Tassa Tassel short earrings
Ever since I discovered the flat-twist out, that's all I do instead of single twists. It's less spacey so you don't spend a lot of time trying to get rid of parts and it gives a nice ringlet.