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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Karen's Body Beautiful & Huetiful Event

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I was going to this event. It was from 12-4pm. I got there a little after one to a couple people in the store milling around. It wasn't by any means a presentation, very informal and laid back, you check out the products, if you have a question, just approach someone (if they don't approach you first ;) ) Huetiful was all set up with a couple steamers going for you to see and/or try out, one with the facial attachment, which was something I was interested in. Really a nice looking unit. Very light in weight and easy to put together and take apart. The box is the size of a regular bonnet hair dryer box. The steamer height isn't adjustable, but I've read that it isn't a huge problem for most women. To put it back into the box, you have to dismantle it, but it's literally one step and shouldn't cause too much stress in your life. If you have the space, you can leave it up, it's not a bulky item at all. Their PR rep, Myleik, was so sweet and approached me as soon as I walked in. She did a mini demo and explained how the actual unit worked and even took it apart for me. Huetiful is a black-owned business based in Atlanta, GA and Ken, the owner, was very nice and helpful and told me/us a little bit about how he got started. His main goal was to cater to the many different hues (shades) of women and it was very important to him that his product was actually something that women would find useful. Hence why before it was even released, he had some of the top natural hair bloggers/vloggers try it out, even the most critical of them. They gave it rave reviews. Needless to say, I bought one, but I planned to even before getting there. It's definitely not a small purchase, but they did have a discount and you saved about 20+ dollars and I'm all about supporting black-owned businesses if I can and if their product claims to help me out as well, even better. They'll be shipping out everyone's order on Tuesday. I thought we'd be getting it right then and there and had big plans to steam my hair tomorrow (Sunday), but he explained that a lady practically almost got jumped the last time he did that. Thinking about it, that was probably better because at least they didn't have a limited amount where you would feel like you had to race to the store to get one and would be disappointed if you didn't. You get 45 days to try out the product and decide if we want to return it. If you do, Huetiful will pay for the shipping. He said that no has abused that by returning it on the 45th day and about 2% of purchases actually end being returned. If you keep the steamer, you have a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. I mentioned that I had a 3 year old and that topic came up quick! Apparently their customer service is very helpful if you have any questions or issues. While I was there, a little over an hour, quite a few women came in to purchase one which was nice to see. We were on a mission, plus who doesn't like a sale ;)

Ken and I

Myleik and I

Steamers in boxes for display

Steamers in Action

This was also my first time at KBB and I must say, it's a nice store. The owner, Karen, is so sweet and soft-spoken, such a contrast to myself, ha! She also has the most amazing 'fro (a nice full combed out twist-out). She was very helpful and you can tell that she's gotten to the point where she doesn't have to shove her product down your throat. She knows she has great products and leaves the decision to you, no pressure. She explained quite a few things about natural haircare in general that was quite informative and recommended what product you would need based on your hair. And she asks before touching your hair. She had an employee that was so pleasant and helpful as well, of course her name slipped my mind because I always think I'll remember people's names and I don't. She had very short natural hair (if she or Karen happens to read this, you were great!) I love the fact that they are literally making products in front of you in the kitchen. I mean a stove, pots and spoons were going on. I went there planning to only buy the hair growth serum/oil, and ended up getting Sweet Ambrosia (their best seller) as well, in the Pomegranate Guava fragrance. I figure it would compliment my KBB Creamy Coco Mango hair oil which I love ;)

Karen and myself

Crystal, a YouTube Vlogger and hair stylist and myself

Kitchen area


  1. I wish I had lingered around a bit longer so we could talk! :-( but you captured the event nicely. I had definitely planned to take more pics than the ONE I took with Karen...I dunno what happened. LOL I wanted to speak to Ken as well but he was speaking to a few, didn't wanna be rude. Anyhow, love the article. I'm a follower!


  2. I'm really not rude! Lol! I recently discovered that I can't reply on my work pc, but can from my cell phone! So that's what I'm doing.

    I'm sorry we didn't get to chat either. Maybe we'll catch up at another event , there are a few this month. Thank-you for the compliment re my post :)