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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Got my Aye'Shanti Designs Order!

It came with a beautiful understated card with an embossed gold purse on it. Inside, a lovely handwritten note. Even the plastic wrapping was sealed with gold tape! I'm a sucker for presentation.

The short Colors in Flight earrings (feathers) were custom hand-painted for me in the colors I selected and sealed to repel water. She even did the water test before-hand. Because of this sealant, the feathers aren't limp and will hold the form they're sealed in. They kind of have character!

My first pair of crochet earrings, I'm excited! Love the gold accent of the hoop inside the edges.

Even the head of our HR dept here at work and another coworker marvelled at how nice my earrings were!  Both have backs in them which I appreciate. It drives me nuts when I get earrings without them and I hate removing from one pair to put in another. Just a pet peeve *shrug*

What are you waiting for? Head to her Mango, Paper, Scissors Etsy store and start shopping! ;) She makes custom orders and even ships to Canada. If you want to give her free reign to design something special for you, she'll do that too. She doesn't make two of the same kind of earrings either, everyone's design is unique. She made me a pair of purple flower earrings with a gold chain hanging from them in 2009 and I was the only one who had them. She's also sweet, accomodating and a pleasure to do business with, that's why she's had loyal clients for the last 2+ years.

Here are my purple earrings, I still get compliments on them whenever I wear them to this day:

Some of my Summer favs from her current collection:
Scrapstress: Calypso

Banana Leaf Collection: Turks & Pink

Perfect earrings to make your outfit pop!

Check out and follow her two blogs:
Mango, Paper, Scissors
Aye'Shanti Designs

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