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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

$10 do-it-yourself, 7-day "Minx" Mani/Pedi!

I'm not a huge fan of running to get a mani/pedi done at a salon because I never feel like they do a better job than I can do myself. I mean, for pampering reasons, sure, but I don't need to go to a salon. Plus I've always been self-sufficient and experimental in that department, back in high school I remember doing my nails with small dots all over them, each dot one by one. Not exactly the quickest, but back then I had a lot of time, lol! Now I don't, so I was glad to discover and try Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips back in February or so.  They come in solid fluorescent colors, glitter and art designs...23 strips to choose from, each around $9.99! Because my nails are short, I am able to use the remainder of the strip on my toes! Because these aren't stickers but actual nail polish, you have to work fast and do it all in one shot before it dries out.  Once you open the sealed package, air is already invading and drying it up.  My toenails last longer than my fingers though and I tend to have to do my nails in regular nail polish until my toes start looking like they need to be done.  I am currently wearing Fly With Me, but I've tried Misbehaved and Collide-o-Scope (on my cruise in March, yay!) The Laced Up design is always sold out and Frock Star has been on my radar for a while now. They claim it lasts 10 days, but for me around the 7th day they start looking pretty bad. Certain designs look worse quicker than others. Like Fly With me has a white background, so it shows imperfections quicker. My toenails last more than two weeks. They say it's a breeze to remove, but I find it takes a little longer than removing regular nail polish, but it's no biggie.

I know, I'm brave to put up this pic! As you can see, it is starting to fade and crack, but this is after 2 weeks!

These strips are really a simple to apply, just follow the instructions. I wouldn't recommend applying in a really cold/breezy room as it will dry them out quicker.  You don't need a base or top coat and it literally takes about 20mins, if so much, to do both your hands and feet. Your nails aren't wet or anything, so after the 20 mins, you're all set and ready to go.  No smudging! You can even experiment and do some nails with the design and others with regular nail polish or mix and match strips. You should definitely try them out!

They now have a Designer Collection that I can't wait to try. Don't Get Catty looks HAWT! ;) There are 5 designs total in this collection.

Tip: A lot of drugstores have BOGO 1/2 off or free, be on the lookout and stock up!  The last time I got Fly With Me and the Salon Manicure nail polish that I spoke about in my last post from Rite Aid, paid about $13 for both.   

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