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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Friday Night Outfit

Okay, so I normally go out Memorial Weekend with my girls, which is tons of fun, but the party was Friday and I still had nothing to wear that day. All I knew was that I wanted to wear my QuellyRue Designs hoop earrings that I raved about in my Curly Girl Collective post.  Which could get tricky since the colors are pretty specific, and the Kente print and material, you can't just wear anything with them. There's a bit of navy in them, so I was going to aim for a navy top and equally dark bottom to bring out the colors in the earrings. We got out of work early so I decided to try Nordstrom Rack. I found the cutest skirt almost right away, the hemline came up shorter to the front and I loved the print and colors. The only thing was the main color in the earrings is coral, and the skirt is fluorescent pink, and the green in the earrings weren't as bright as the lime green in the skirt.  Could I pull it off? I had the earrings with me and kept putting them up to my ears with the skirt at my waist. I always feel that if one item is all the way up near your head and the other you want to match it with is all the way to the bottom of your look, you can pull it off. So I just bought the skirt ($14.99!) and prayed for the best. Now I needed a top, yikes. Headed next door to Forever 21 (F21), I abolutely LOVE this store, I don't care. It's my first stop whenever I have to go out, especially for their cheap, disposable accessories :D So I spent time going through tops, I didn't want anything loose since the skirt was already loose and I didn't want to lose myself in the outfit. Found a great tank, the color didn't exactly match the green in the earrings either, but when I tried on the whole outfit, it worked. The tank was $3.50, didn't I say I loved that place? They really price their items at what they're worth.  So my outfit cost me $18.50 and it took me about an hour if so much to put it together. YES! I used accessories and shoes (Nine West) that I already had and a vintage genuine leather royal blue envelope clutch (it was my Mom's!) I also happened to find a bra that matched that you could see through the tank. The print on the skirt, bra and earrings were completely different, but because of their color similarities, they went well together. 

Rest of look:
- I painted my toenails in fluorescent pink (big toes) and fluorescent yellow/green (rest of toes) and decided to put teal on my finger nails to sort of throw off the "matchiness" of my look.
- My eye-makeup, I went with the same base colors and a little black at the corners to tame it down a bit. 
- My hair, I decided last minute to re-twist it to freshen up my twist-out from the weekend before.

What do you think?

Earrings are to the right
Notice how you can't tell the earrings and skirt don't exactly match?
Colors in this photo aren't exactly true
Clutch is to the back
(Photo Courtesy of

I even managed to find a nice tee for hubby on the way out, so everyone was happy. All in all, a successful shopping experience. LOL!


  1. You could have fooled me about them not matching. You look great as always.

  2. Thanks a lot!! I wanted to comment ages ago, but it wouldn't let me :(