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Friday, June 10, 2011

BCBG Sandals

What a coincidence, I was perusing the BCBG website Friday morning and saw these sandals,

and liked them, then I was sort of wondering if it was maybe too high, or maybe my feet would be too narrow for them, the normal things I worry about.  Then I saw the white and said it looked good for a white sandal (I'm not a fan of white shoes).

Then I said for $195, I can pay some bills with that money. Maybe if they came down to $50 :P Then I just stepped out the office for a few minutes and I see a girl walking down the street:

So at the light I asked her if they were BCBG, turns out we work together in the same dept (ha!), she was like "How did you know??" and I told her I had literally seen them this morning on the website and boy did the white look fabulous in person. My question to you my dear friends is, is this a sign that I should get them? Errr, when they go on sale of course ;)


  1. In case you're still lusting, they're on sale at outlets for $40 ;)