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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Afrobella's All of My Purple Life M.A.C Lipglass!

When I first heard that fellow curly girl and blogger Patrice Grell-Yursik, a.k.a Afrobella, created her own MAC lipglass shade, I was like "NICE!", then I found out it was purple, and I was like "WOW, NICE!", then I found out she was Trini...uhhh, I went nuts at that point. I first heard about this from a Facebook post by Trinidad's Metro Magazine, and I was so proud of her, being of Trinidadian descent myself. We're a small country, so we welcome any positive mainstream acknowledgement :) But this is not only a big deal for a woman, or a Trinidadian, this is a big deal period. I mean how many people can say they went to the MAC head office and lab and literally created their own lipglass? Like, "Hi, I'm a chemist, don't mind me making this lipglass for millions of people". Seriously?? I've been wearing MAC lipglasses since they came out. They have literally been a staple in my life all these years, especially the limited edition shades. But as far as I was concerned, the beautiful colors just showed up and we stalked them. No one actually thinks about who the brainchild is behind this masterpiece or that that person even exists when you're at the MAC counter. Thank-you MAC and Patrice for opening up my eyes on that. And power to the two female West-Indian chemists Patrice spoke about in her blog entry. Yay!

Anyway, onto business, MAC introduced the Bloggers' Obsessions line on Tuesday June 21st featuring some of today's top beauty bloggers' eyeshadows (4) and lipglasses (5).  The line will be available online only for the next 6 weeks (limited edition!) so you'd better get on it! I spent the better part of that day trying to purchase an All of My Purple Life lipglass, MAC was having major network issues giving a lot of people panic attacks. The bloggers shut it down! ;) When I finally bought it and saw my order confirmation, I exhaled. I received my package on Friday June 24th, MAC always has fast shipping. I couldn't wait to open it and when I did I was pleasantly surprised. What a nice color! Wow! I've owned lilac lip products, fuschia, mauve, pink, you name it, but I have never owned an actual purple lipgloss! The color is purple, there are no two ways about it, you won't have a hard time describing it at all.  There's also some fine glitter in it, nothing like those teeny bopper lipglosses you see out there, very subtle. I love it. I just did a makeup look incorporating it. I put a bit of NYX's purple jumbo eye shadow under it to make it pop a bit more, especially since I was going to photograph it. 

Earrings by AyeShanti Pieces, 2009 Collection

Next on my list from the Bloggers' Obsessions line? Evolution Revolution lipglass is looking NOICE! Oh no, Jealousy Wakes eye shadow is sold out already, wahhhh! 

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Congrats Afrobella!