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Friday, June 24, 2011

Avon Sneak Peek: SuperShock Liquid Lip Shine w/SPF 15

If you have nice full lips (unlike me, wahhhh!) or just want fast coverage, I just discovered the perfect lip gloss for you. Avon will be coming out with:

Liquid Lip Shine SPF 15* 
.03 oz. net wt.
Brochure: intro special $4.99 each 
Will be $8.00

I have a demo and I have never owned or actually seen a lipgloss with an applicator this large. I mean it's the size of my whole bottom lip! (shhhh) 

As per my demo book:
  • OVERSIZED APPLICATOR with well tip holds and delivers smooth, full-coverage color & shine 
Left: Avon superSHOCK Right: Avon Glazewear Duo Reflect
superSHOCK in shade Lilac Attack

It has great shine, which is something I look for in a gloss. It also has a nice smell, I can't define it, but it's fruity'ish ;) It isn't sticky or too sheer, it has great color coverage. It lasts long, but like any other gloss, if you eat or drink, you'll need to reapply.  If you want the color to pop more, wear a lipstick or stain underneath. It has SPF 15, so it's especially perfect for the summer months. 

SuperShock Lip Shine will be available in 8 super shades next campaign, 15. Starting June 30th. Contact me if you're interested. I will update this post when it is on my Avon/mark e-store. 

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