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Thursday, May 26, 2011

OMG, He's a "Big Boy" Now!

My husband went ALL BY HIMSELF to H&M yesterday and bought himself a shirt!!! He's growing up on me *sniff sniff*. Since I've been living here in NYC (nearly 5 years), I've probably bought every single item of clothing for him down to socks. Or at least provided my consulting services if we both happened to be in the store (which is rare since he's afraid of shopping with me). Even when I was in Montreal I would buy stuff and bring it down.  I go on my own, pick items I think he'd like or look good on him, bring it home, and if he doesn't like it (it happens), I return/exchange it. His own personal shopper. Isn't he lucky? But yesterday he bought a cute plaid shirt and he got it on sale (which he made sure to point out to me)! WOW! But his experience wasn't a painless one, poor soul, he started with 3 items, one didn't fit right, the other, when he got to the register, they said it was in the wrong place and therefore cost more than he felt it was worth, so he left it (not without telling them about themselves though, lol). But the last one was JUST RIGHT! Way to go Damian!

I think this is it! (or similar)
*round of applause*

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