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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Curly Girl Collective- Collective Expressions Event

I had the pleasure of attending this event on Sunday May 22nd, and I must say, I am sooo glad I was there. As I posted on their FB fanpage that same night:

Wow, that was a great event and I'm glad I was a part of it. Classy, entertaining and creative, everything just flowed so well. I had the pleasure of meeting so many great people, the energy and vibes were bouncing off the walls. I attended by myself, but it didn't feel that way at all! I was so proud being around so many natural beauties. The drinks, vendors and hairstylists were on point too. I will surely be at any other event CGC throws in the future. I LOVE CGC, AND MY HAIR! ;)

The event was from 4-8pm and when I got there a little after 4, the room was already full with ladies chit-chatting. They had the event at Brian Farrell's studio in the Chelsea Modern, such a great location. Hpnotiq sponsored the drinks and were promoting their new purple Harmonie drink which actually comes out June 1st, so we got a sneak peek! There were different cocktails made from it with cute, clever "Curly Girl" names. Man, I was nursing my drink for hours, kept going back for more ice, ha! Yeah, I went back for another, but that's besides the point :P The front room had the hair product swap basket, the bar, appetizers, a great artist/painter named Lorra Jackson who was capturing the event with her brush-strokes in a live-art installation, and a vendor, CanDid Art Accessories who was showcasing some fab jewelry, mainly feather earrings which are still all the rage. I saw ladies walking around wearing their new accessories right away, love it! Can you believe she accepted credit cards? HELP!

CanDid Art display

The back room had two makeup artists and a manicurist from Posh Nails BK, which just happens to be around the corner from me in Brooklyn (large up Prospect/Crown Heights!) Then outside in the backyard, Hannan Saleh, famed photographer, was taking photos of our slammin' outfits to feature in Ebony mag's Street Style. And let me tell you, there was REAL STYLE that night. Between the hair and style, I was getting whiplash.

Head downstairs and the party was ON! As soon as you got to the bottom of the stairs, CANDY, yay!!

I was overwhelmed in a good way, hair stylists styling one way, another accessories vendor selling stuff at 1/2 price (OH NO!), big up QuellyRue Designs, Esther Woo Vintage right next to her, then a photographer taking our pics with a backdrop...then Miss Jessie's was set up in another corner, then CGC had this big beautiful banner that we got to write on and answer "I Love My Hair Because..." with some photos of happenin' natural chica's around the border. I was really "liking myself" at this event. So well put together.

Racquel of QuellyRue Designs

Miss Jessie's Reps and Models, the girl on the left I recognize from their ad campaign

I Love My Hair Because...banner

Miko and Titi writing why they love their hair
The "mane" event was Miss Jessie's founders, Miko and Titi doing a "big chop" at 6pm. I was practically in tears when the model (an actual model) got her relaxed ends shaved off by Miko. She looked hawt before it was even styled! It was a really empowering moment. Here's a bit of loud footage from this: YouTube

Titi giving a little Miss Jessie's background

Model ready for her big-chop

Model after her big-chop and style, a twist-out
There were some raffles as well, and I was pretty hurt I didn't win that Huetiful hair steamer, lol...then I was literally hurt when I got hit in the mouth by a woman rushing to catch a "I Love My Hair" tee that was thrown into the crowd, my lip was bleeding!!  LMAOOO! All in good fun, but that was hilarious. All proceeds from the raffle went to the organization Petals-N-Belles. Pure positivity. 

I left that event feeling proud that I'm a natural girl, and a little tipsy (shhhh). I can't wait for Curly Girl Collective's next event!!

Some more pics:

Some CGC girls posing with Brian Farrell and a Miss Jessie's rep

Earrings that I bought...seems to be a color theme going on, to the left CanDid Art, right QuellyRue

Heyyy, poppin' gift bag with great products
Lorra Jackson painting that she finished by the end of the night. Sorry for the glare.

Me rockin' my "I Love My Hair" tank from Forever 21 ($13.80, heyyyy!)


  1. You look great! Looks like the event was fab!

  2. Love the write-up on the was so inspiring to be around positive women with beautiful natural hair styles and thanks for the mention of my company above!

  3. We love this recap! Thanks for the love! The event was definitely one to remember :)

  4. Thanks everyone!! For the compliments and the feedback on my write-up!