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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Shampoo & Repairing Hair Mask- First Impression

Heyyyy, so I got samples of the above at the natural hair meet-up last Friday and used them both Saturday morning. When I first saw that the line was coming out, I was interested because anything "repairing", I want a part of, my hair is a bit damaged because I picked out my locs and didn't do a "big chop" at the new growth. I plan on trimming the damage as I go along. I absolutely love the smell of this line ever since I first smelled it when it debuted on May 9th (ummm, I just happened to be on my way to Target when I passed by the Carol's Daughter store, I swear). Anywho, the shampoo went on nicely (it's sulfate-free by the way) and made my hair soft where I was actually able to detangle with it. I put the mask on and a plastic cap for about 1/2 hour and when I washed it out, my hair didn't feel soft, it had that squeaky feel to it where you feel like if you pass a comb through it, it will break I put some Oyin Handmade's Honey Hemp Conditioner in and washed it out and it was all good.  The sweet Monoi smell was gone though. Not sure if I'm a fan of that Honey Hemp orange peel smell, but let's leave that for another post, lol. I'm wondering if I used the mask too sparingly seeing as it was a trial size and maybe that's why my hair didn't feel moisturized? Not sure, but I'm going to use it up and give my final verdict when I do ;) I wish I got a sample of the conditioner, I love conditioners :)

The 8.5oz Repairing Shampoo is $18, $16.20 if you're a Carol's Daughter member, which I am because the membership was $5 at the time :D (10% discount).
The 8.5 oz Repairing Conditioner is $20, $18 for members
the 7 oz Repairing Hair Mask is $29, $26.10 for members

My hairstyle:
After I applied the Honey Hemp condish, I passed some Karen's Body Beautiful Heavenly Jojoba Hair Oil throughout my hair. Then I used some Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie (great natural-ingredient line and everything is $9.99 at Target) and Eco Styler Blue gel (Stockngo is the BOMB btw!) and did a two-strand flat twist on my wet hair and took it out the next day to go to another natural hair meet-up that I will post about later. My hair looked great I must say. I'm really digging the flat twist method more than the individual ones. There are less gaps and it looks more cohesive, which is ideal for my hair length right now. Chunky twist-outs look better when your hair is longer in my opinion.

How to do a two-strand flat twist-out you ask? I can't remember, but I think I got the idea from PrettyDimples01 on YouTube, I love her vids, check it out. I am entertaining the thought of starting my own vids, but I'm not sure, I feel like there are enough natural hair chica's doing hair videos, lol.

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