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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Target Mini Haul- e.l.f & NYX Cosmetics

- e.l.f. studio Lip Exfoliator. Tried it and it's pretty great. Just make sure your lips are moist like they say otherwise it's like literally rubbing little stones on your lips :D I was going to make my own scrub with brown sugar and olive oil, but this was a lot easier. It retails for $3.
- e.l.f. studio Eyebrow Kit in Medium. Tried it and I don't feel like it did much with filling my dark brows. I like that it's a gel though, so I went over it with my regular M.A.C. Embark shadow which grabbed right on, then finished and dusted off with the lighter e.l.f. powder in the compact (right, lighter color) which is supposed to set and soften your brow and make it look more natural. Not bad for $3. I just noticed there's a "dark", they didn't have it at Target but I should probably try that one instead.
- NYX Extra Creamy Round Case lipstick in Tea Rose. Great color and I lined with their Ever slim lip pencil that I bought the day before from my local beauty supply store.
- NYX Wonder Pencil. I kind of didn't need this but like what it claims to do. I tried it and lined my lips just for kicks, didn't put on any lipstick though. I tried it under my brow and it does sharpen the look of them. I then put it in my inner bottom lid this morning and it does brighten. I guess for $4 it's not a sin to have :)

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