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Monday, June 16, 2014

Nicka K Lipstick Swatches- Wild Colors

Aureolin #996 (yellow)
Aqua Verde #998 (mint green)
Smalt #999 (royal blue)

Each $1 at my local beauty supply store. I was going to get some unique colors from NYX's Macaron collection for $6 each but I'm thinking for lipsticks I won't be wearing often, $1 makes more sense. They aren't matte and I'm not entirely sure that the NYX ones are either. 

With flash

Without flash

Smudged a bit

Seems as though they may be tricky to apply on the lips though. 

Update! They are! All except for the royal blue were a pain to apply. It gets streaky, then when you try to smooth it out it fades so you reapply, and so on and so forth. The lighter the color, the more imperfections you see. I didn't have my lip brush with me in the bathroom and I was lazy to get it but it would have probably helped a bit.

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