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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kelly Osbourne's Riot House Lipstick for MAC

This is it with RiRi's Nude underneath, such an easier application and the color isn't that much different.

Uggghh was this ever a p.i.t.a to apply!! And the color isn't even all that! From the tube to your lip its totally different. You definitely need to exfoliate your lips prior and wear a good base as it shows all your imperfections. I have to find my MAC lip primer to try it with because it is not working out with the Avon one. I had better luck with Dodgy Girl from her collection. The lighter and more matte the color, the harder to pull off for me. I even tried with my MAC lip brush this morning and that didn't work. In the tube and swatched it looks great, on my lips, not so much. By the time I got to work it was a mess, build up on the inside, streaky. I'll have to mix it with another color, like an orange or coral. 

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