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Friday, June 13, 2014

M.A.C.- The Osbourne Collection, Dodgy Girl Lipstick

Dodgy Girl lipstick, this time lined with NYX's Purple Rain Slim Lip Pencil

Kelly and Sharon Osbourne's MAC collection released in stores yesterday across North America. I got Kelly's Dodgy Girl lipstick (matte, light lavender) and Sharon's Patentpolish Pencil in the color Patentpink (washed out lilac) which is a high gloss. I actually got the gloss first because the first MAC I went to ran out of Dodgy Girl and after waiting about an hour in line, I felt compelled to get something. I may return it though since I'm not in the market for a $23 lipgloss :D The gloss layered on top of the lipstick is nice though. The lipstick is matte so it goes on a lot smoother than the retro matte formula and is less drying. I had to use a primer (Avon) and a liner, I used my MAC Heroine one. I like it, it goes well with my complexion. It's similar, but a little warmer than Rihanna's RiRi Boy. The casing is very pretty, a nice lavender with her signature in red. It's very a very flimsy feeling plastic though. Definitely not the same quality as the regular MAC lipstick cases or even the Rihanna collection ones. 

I also ordered Sharon's Peaches & Cream blush (satin finish, midtone peach/midtone rose, very pretty when swatched) and Kelly's Riot House lipstick (matte, light vivid orange) from The lipstick shipped but the blush is only shipping on 06/30. I also ordered Sharon's lipglass in Pussywillow (rich gold pearl) from, also very gorgeous in person. That shipped as well and I should be getting it today. I swatched Kelly's Strip Poker lipstick and it was way too light and chalky for my complexion. Kelly Yum-Yum is very pretty but my MAC Playland Happy-Go-Lucky lipstick is too similar. It's the satin version of the MAC matte fav, Candy Yum-Yum.  

Here's a look at the color palette I scored. Looking good:
Patentpink Patentpolish Pencil
Dodgy Girl lipstick
Peaches & Cream blush
Pussywillow lipglass

Anyone get anything from this collection?

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