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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Style #1 with my Vanessa La Efrah Wig

Not the first time wearing this headband, but it looks different with longer hair
Of course I had to start off with a headband for my first style, no thought process involved in it! The hair is actually pushing the headband forward and every so often I have to fix it. Which wouldn't be so bad if not for that floral piece to the front. FRO POWER!

I did a YouTube video (click) on today's style. Still getting the hang of that whole process and trying to work the editing website. Also, watching myself on-screen...I really need to get more sleep, my eyes look so tired! How do journalists do it?? :P

I went to a beauty supply store here in Manhattan on my lunch break to check out their wigs, they have tons and I never paid attention before. They're on 32nd Street near Penn Station. I'm having fun scoping out my next look. I saw a few that I liked:

Bobbi Boss Tucci

Ranges from about $28-$35
Modu True Match, TM-143

Don't laugh, I think in a 1B, if it's pulled out, tousled and maybe trimmed a bit, it can look great!
About $25
Sensationnel HZ-7009 

I think it will look good pulled out a bit.
Photo courtesy of where it's $19

Looking at them online is not the same, I know. You had to be there.

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  1. I love the 7009. I keep this in stock. The older it gets the prettier it becomes.