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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I bought 2 more wigs from my list!

Okay, I'm going to stop with the curly for now and start with maybe longer wavy ones. I think 4 is enough for now. Actually no, I tried on Nia Girl and my cousin almost fainted when I put it on she liked it so much, so I'm thinking about her.

**Update, I bought the infamous Beshe Drew wig since writing this post**

Okay, so Amerie is short, tight curls, 1b/33, La Efrah is fro'ish and 1b, and:

FreeTress Monroe Girl Full Cap (refer to my first wig post)
Bought her in 1b at my local beauty supply store about two weeks ago, Sam's, for $21.99. She comes with two combs, one in the front, one in the back and an adjustable strap.
She doesn't have a cap and seems kind of sparse, but that could be because she's on the white styrofoam wig head and it shows up more. She definitely cannot blend with my natural hair because it's a thinner hair fiber and looser curl, so I'll be rocking her as a full-cap. I bought some wig control spray last Tuesday to give her a little more control. I may trim the bangs, we'll see.

Vanessa La Apple Express Weave (aka 1/2 wig)
I had read when I was compiling my list that this was a fav of natural hair ladies, so I've been on the look-out since she wasn't available at the place where I got both Amerie and La Efrah. When doing a search on her I saw that my girl LolaKinkz did a YT review on her about a year ago and it looked great. I found her while checking out hair places on Flatbush with my cousin two Saturdays ago. I didn't plan on buying a wig, but she was right there and they only had one 1b...I took it as a sign. Got her at Wig Club for $24. No other place I checked on Flatbush, about 3 others, carried Vanessa brand wigs, they all had FreeTress like it was going out of style though, geez. Wig Club will be my new place to buy Vanessa wigs if my original place doesn't have a unit I want.

I did a YT video on La Apple, check it out here

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