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Thursday, October 6, 2011

My hair Wed. Oct. 5 2011

Loving this hair!! It's BIIIG and exactly how I want my own hair to be. This hair is super light (as in not heavy) and it was a windy day at times here in NYC yesterday and I often felt like my hair was becoming a hot mess, but every time I checked in the mirror with one eye open, it was all good. Blending of my hair in this style is a little harder since the wig hair is going forward on top of it. For some reason I feel it's easier to blend backwards than forwards. Certain parts of the wig are super shiny and defined and others are less shiny and more 'fro, that's the part that blends the best with my hair. Also, I pulled out my own hair too much and it lost the twist-out form. I may try wetting my own hair tomorrow and putting some gel to see how that works, my hair always looks more shiny in wash-n-go form. The only thing I fear with that and trying to blend is the shrinkage. We'll see.

I did a quick YouTube video on yesterday's style, take a look here

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