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Friday, August 5, 2011

My Faux-Hawk Revisited

Last night:
- Spritzed water and did 4 2-strand flat-twists going forward in my bang
- Then I did big single twists on the rest (dry, no water added)

This morning:
- I took twists out and tousled at the roots to get rid of any spaces to re-do the style from yesterday, my faux-hawk.
- I put some SM Yucca & Baobab thickening milk in the back and Enso milk in the bangs (I didn't want it too poufy that's why I didn't use the SM).
- I finished with a little Jane Carter Nourish &Shine on the bangs and sides.

I didn't spritz water or any SM CE mist this time. I think I made it too poufy yesterday.

I also pinned back some more of my bang as to not get that fanned out rake look like yesterday.

Let's compare:


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