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Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall Fashion for Less - Knit-Cuff Wedge Booties

There is no reason for you to run out there and buy designer duds, unless you really have the $ and want it. Certain trends I am more comfortable buying the cheaper version especially if by the next season, it's old news.

I was perusing through Nordstrom's website (they are my weakness) and came across these great booties:
Report "Ceron" Bootie


Then I said, "Wait, didn't I see a similar pair in my Avon demo book"? Sure enough:
Avon Cushion Walk Genuine Suede Knit-Cuff Bootie (no link because it isn't available to the masses yet)

$49.99, available in C20, from Sept. 8th

See? Both genuine suede and very similar.

Every time I come across hot fall fashion (#hotfallfashion) for less, I will put up a post.

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