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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Made-Up: Sigma Dry 'N Shape Spa

I ordered the Sigma Dry 'N Shape Spa last week because the title of their email caught me: "OMG, it's BACK!" I was like "What? What??!" I actually didn't know about it before that to know it was a new, hot item that sells out faster than they can keep it on the shelves. I was in the market for a better way to dry my brushes so I was intrigued. I currently lay them out on a hand towel with the brushes hanging over the edge of the surface so they don't get flat and air can get to and through the bristles. The issue is space and worrying that my kids will touch them while drying. I had a couple brush trees in my Amazon cart for months that I never pulled the trigger on so when the email came, it was at the right time. I first had to inquire on their website in the Q&A section how the brushes got dry being enclosed in an elastic band and they responded that it has moisture-wicking technology. Which intrigued me even more, so I ordered it. Their delivery is super fast. I placed my order on Thursday January 19th and got the shipping confirmation that same day and it was delivered on Tuesday January 24th. I checked it out last night and it's very compact. I actually did a mini demo (without water) last night on my YouTube channel, check it out. When I actually use it I'll update my post.

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