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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Made-Up: Kylie Cosmetics Responded About the Chemical Smell of the Royal Peach Palette

There's a lot of buzz going around about the chemical/spray paint odor permeating from this palette. I address it in my YouTube video (check it out, 3:33 mins in). It didn't bother me at first (call me crazy) but because of all the hoopla online, I may have gotten a bit concerned so I decided to email them not too long ago, they responded in 15 minutes! Here is what they told me (and everyone else who inquired, lol):
"Hello Kifana, 

Thank you for emailing us! We really appreciate your feedback as we are always trying to improve.

Rest assured, your Royal Peach Palette is 100% safe to use! We have spoken with our Quality Assurance Team and they have informed us that the smell may have been caused by the palette being enclosed during transit.

We recommend keeping your palette open for 24-48 hours to diminish the smell. This is safe to do as long as you store your Royal Peach Palette in a cool, dry place away from UV rays!

We hope this helps out!

Thank you,

Best, Cristian O
Team Kylie Cosmetics"

I'm going to try that and update my post in a few days, although I have seen people on YouTube say they've tried it and it still has that odor. I wonder if this will turn into a "thing" like her lipstick brush applicators last year? In the meantime, check out my Instagram post with swatches or this YouTube swatch-only video (with some ColourPop Pressed Powder Shadows).

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