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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cougar Boots! Roaaaar!

No, not that kind of cougar :P I haven't been in the market for a pair of winter boots for a few years, but my cheap black Target duck books have holes on top because I've been wearing them a lot due to the crappy NYC winter. I have a pair of navy Land's End ones that are THE BEST, but I needed to replace my black pair. While perusing the web I noticed that Cougar boots were back! Being a Canadian, I grew up wearing them. I got so nostalgic that I had to buy a pair. I would have preferred the honey/tan color because that's what I remember growing up but I needed the black pair more, plus I love the contrast of the tan sole. Actually they're similar to the pair I was replacing with being black, red inside and tan soles. Except my Tarjay ones had a zipper, fast fast! I love the look of these boots! They have that rugged b-girl look that I adore. They're guaranteed waterproof for 6mths. Not the most comfortable though. Also, if they came in half sizes it would have been even better, they're a tad big in size 8 and 7 would be too close I'm sure. I'm a 7 1/2 period. At least I can wear them with thick socks. Which I probably wouldn't need since they claim to keep your feet warm down to -11 fahrenheit :/ But I could use them for the cushioning :)


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