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Monday, January 13, 2014

Sensual's Vella Vella Passion Wave & Fierce Lips

This is the 100% human hair Indian Remy lace front wig that I mentioned in my last post. She's called Passion Wave (color 1B/33) and she's from Sensual's Vella Vella line. I've honestly never heard of the brand until then. I just knew I wanted a unit I can wear wet and curly and I didn't want to spend $200 on the Saga Remy Jerry Curl one after reading reviews that it tangled badly. There's another unit in this line that ColouredBeautiful reviewed that I also liked, the Jerry Curl, but I wanted a deeper curl and out of the 3 wet n wavy ones, this was it from what I can see. Not sure why they named it that if there's not much of a curl. There's only one review of the Passion wig on YouTube that shows it wavy and I liked the way it looked on the girl (she's so cute and I love her accent by the way), so I took a chance. This is the most I've ever spent on a wig so it was a big step and risk for me! I purchased it from Elevate Styles, my go-to spot for unique units (namely Beshe). They ship super fast and their customer service is great. I actually had to call to place my order over the phone because I wanted to use an Amex gift card and didn't want any trouble placing it online. I dealt with a Mr. Miller (I believe it was Mark?), he was very patient, took my info and literally shipped it out right away. I got it in 2 days.

The Passion Wave showed up in a fancy box. Which looks good, but I can't store it in that big box, so the usual plastic would have been better. I may have to use a large Ziploc to store it.

It is boxed in its straight state and I wore it like that on Saturday and it looked fine. Kind of like if you blow dried your relaxed hair, but didn't curl. The hair is very soft right out the box, feels fabulous. I also like that it's not thick and unnatural looking.

I cut the lace Friday night and a couple baby hairs on the top, but I didn't tweeze out any of the hairs in the hairline like I usually do in my units to make them more natural because I don't think it needs that since the hairs are very fine. As opposed to the more coarse hair in my curly wigs where the hairline can look unnatural because it's thick. To achieve the look on the top left photo (and below) for a birthday brunch I was attending, I quickly flat-ironed and bumped some of the layers upwards (flipped it) to change it up. No one recognized me, including my 14mth old daughter! I haven't had straight hair for about 10 years, but I must say, I liked the look. Brought me back to my 20's (as my sister told me). Even after dancing it didn't totally flop and it didn't tangle. I very easily brushed it without a struggle.

On my lips: MUA Velvet Luxe lip gloss in PUNK, it dries matte and the pigment is awesome! It ships from the UK so the shipping is not cheap (I ordered with a group of friends), but they are $4.94USD each.

This morning I went at it with a spray bottle of water while it was on a styrofoam wig head and in seconds it curled up and as it dried it became fuller. I think I should have wet the crown more, but I was concerned with wetting the cap for some reason. I put a dab of Curl Junkie's Curls in a Bottle and scrunched it a bit, then I put it on and diffused it to dry it more. I'm loving this piece!! The only thing is the layers. It has kind of a bang but then it's very long on the sides. Kind of reminiscent of a curly mullet! I'm thinking there needs to be a layer in between, which I think is actually there because you can see it when it's straight, but it disappears when wavy. 

Lips: MAC lipstick in the color Heroine. $15USD.

Looks as though the hair got flatter. I may need to put more product to keep the bounce.

Hmmm, I'm not too sure. Maybe it takes getting used to since I do more shorter, full and curly than long and wavy. I actually think that's why the girl in the video above pulled it back the way she did, because of the way it fell. I just noticed that the model on the package has a center part, but the way it naturally falls is as a side part on mine. I may have to force it to see how it looks. I think the wavy will look better with a center part and the straight with a side. I was in a rush this morning so I didn't get to play with it while in the wavy state. I'll try that later and do a video, which I'm long overdue for. I must add that even in it's wavy state, it is very soft and I can easily run my fingers through it. No tangles. Score!

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