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Monday, October 21, 2013

Nude Lippies!

After having fun with corals and pinks all summer I'm back into nude for the Fall, but this time I'm doing lipsticks. I'm normally a lipgloss gal, the shinier the better but I recently started going nuts with Rihanna's MAC line and the matte colors and her Nude lipstick from her latest collection I adore, so now I'm looking for different shades of nude. Not in frost, but creams or matte. When I say "nude", I mean more "neutral" because I'm not necessarily looking for lipsticks that match my skin-tone exactly. I found the blog Bauce Mag and took note of the colors she recommended for dark skin. I put the names of those in red text below. Some I discovered myself in the store or just by Googling lipstick images and checking them out in person.

My bare lips
NYX Color Lip Balm in the color Spasibo. $2.99
NYX Lipstick in MARS (605), below in sunlight. $3.99

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm. $5.99
I like the lip balm. There's a slight HINT of color and it would probably work well as a base which is what I did to apply the lipstick and gloss. 

I like the color of the Mars lipstick, application is smooth, but they don't feel as creamy and rich on the lips like some lipsticks do. On the NYX website, Mars is described as a "deep-tone beige with pink undertone". I went looking for Hades, a "muted brown/pink" but they didn't carry it at the place I went to.

The Stockholm lipgloss is a pain to apply, you definitely need a lip brush to even out the application. Well at least I do. Since I didn't have one, I used my finger. It dries matte which you don't necessarily expect with a gloss. Good for those who like using a lipgloss wand but like the look of a matte lipstick. When it's dry, my looks look just that, dry. If I smile, you can see the cracks in it. Maybe I'll try it with a better base. The color is described as, "mid-tone beige pink".

Based on the color descriptions alone both colors are extremely similar. They're both kind of on the peachy/coral side in my opinion. In person the gloss is a tad brighter. 

N.Y.C. & Wet n Wild
I got two more lipsticks when I went to the Duane Reade near my job the same day. 

NYC Plum Rum. Almost unnoticeable. The pigment in these lipsticks aren't the best. $1.99
Wet n Wild Bare it All (902C). $2.49. Goes on smooth and pigmented, but the rounded shape of the actual lipstick makes application hard on my non-existent lips :P

When I got home I decided to take out my nude lip gloss and sticks and it's rather embarrassing. I honestly have an obsession with them and it doesn't help that I sell Avon/mark. In the image below the lipsticks are all new, the glosses I had from before aside from the NYX one.

L-R: mark glow baby glow luxe in Sun Luxe, RiRi Nude, WnW Bare it All, Avon Glazewear Nude-Tricious, NYC in Plum Rum, Avon Glazewear, NYX lipbalm from above, mark lots of laquer in Thrill, NYX gloss from above, MAC Entice, mark lipclick in Sugar Pie, Avon Lip Radiance (don't know the shade), NYX lipstick from above

Lipsticks from pic above with colors shown: RiRi, WnW, NYC, mark and NYX. All very different yet still considered nude in my eyes.

Rimmel London 
10/22- Went to Target and Rimmel was on sale (ugghhhh), so I got two from the Kate Moss Lasting Finish line, #'s 08 and 14. Each were $4.49. Almost $2 more at other places.
Left is 08, right is 14



10/23: I got Revlon Mink, and since it was BOGO 1/2 off at Rite Aid, I got another color called Chocolate Velvet. Both are from their "Nudes and Browns" Super Lustrous collection, are cream formulations, and are similar. Mink is more nude/beige/caramel and the Chocolate has more of a reddish/brick tint to it. In the photo below you can see the subtle difference. These glide on great and are very nice and creamy. I haven't used Revlon lipsticks since high school, but I remember they always had an annoying smell and that's actually why I stopped, it was nauseating. I am pleased to see there is no fragrance at all now. There was another color I saw in the display, Choco-Liscious, that I was contemplating but I felt it may have been too dark to be a "nude" on me. Perhaps someone of a darker complexion. It's beautiful though, so I might actually still get it. Shhhhhh ;)

Top: left is Mink, right is Chocolate Velvet. Bottom: Chocolate Velvet on my top lip, Mink on the bottom
I pray I get the strength not to dabble in the CoverGirl Queen collection, I noticed they have some nice neutrals. Maybelline too... :O

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