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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ka'oir Cosmetics Rude Girl Lipstick

FIRE!! My friend Melissa put me onto this line and I kind of forgot about it until I saw that she was having a flash sale. I was going to go with a nude color but figured that I can get nude colors in a drugstore, but purple, I cannot! There are so many unique, bright colors to choose from. I ordered it on Saturday and got it on Wednesday, not bad. With shipping it was $20, which is by no means cheap, but I wanted to try it and why not when there was a sale. In terms of application, it goes on very smoothly and is very pigmented. I tried at work and thought it was too much, but I took the chance and walked around anyway and I got many compliments.

Cute "Ka'oir" tape on the box

Lipstick was packed in polka dot tissue paper

This box is the cutest

Shiny casing. Kind of gives the impression of it being cheap

I like that the name is also visible once the cover is removed

Ka'oir Rude Girl Swatch


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