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Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 7

Last night I two-strand twisted without the bantu knots. I usually do the bantu knots because it keeps the twists from unraveling and makes them tighter. End result without the knots, longer looking hair with looser waves. I like it. I twisted with Jane Carter's Moisture Mist and Carol's Daughter's Margeurite's Magic and put on my satin cap to sleep. This morning I undid the twists and pulled up the right side and back with side combs like I did two days ago. I finished by applying Creme of Nature's Perfect Edges, which I realized doesn't work on me. I think it's the Argan Oil, it just prevents me from getting that slick look because it's more oily than "tacky", if  I'm making any sense. I finished by spritzing some Carol's Daughter Tui oil spray. The first 3 pics are on my way to work and the last one was not too long after I got to work. As you can see, it got more poufy. Tonight is wash night, yay!

My lipstick is CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Temptation. It's kind of a copper/burnt orange color. Frost.

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