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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Blowed Out, Twist Out :)

Bought the Andis blow dryer with a comb because my current Conair doesn't have one and finding a comb to fit it is impossible! I left my Willie Morrow one in Montreal when I moved here because I had locs and now I want it back!

So I'm back on a Carol's Daughter kick, happens every few years. I bought the complete Monoi Collection minus the conditioner only because I'm using the Shea Moisture thickening one. So last night I pre-pooed with Carol's Daughter's Lisa's Hair Elixir mixed with Vatika oil, washed with the Monoi poo, deep conditioned with Curl Junkie's Deep Fix and a dab of Monoi deep treatment and sat under my Huetiful Steamer for one cycle. Washed it out and put some of the Shea Moisture conditioner and only partly washed it out. I put some leave-in treatment from Avon all over and spritzed some SM Thickening Spray. Sectioned my hair in 4 and applied in each section: Monoi Sacred Strengthening Serum, Split End Sealer, that's normal. But to blow dry I also put CD's Chocolat Blow Drying Lotion and the Macadamia Heat Protecting Serum. I blow dried each section in 3 parts and two-strand twisted with a bantu knot. I later went back and made each twist smaller. The pics are the end result after I ran my fingers through each twist and tousled with my afro pick. With a little shrinkage after being out in the sun. I love it!

My lipstick is CoverGirl Lip Perfection, I'll come back with the color after, begins with an "E", lol ;) Enchantress, that's it.

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