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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beshe Drew Lace Front Wig Review and My Hair Today- Quasi-Pompadour

Yes, my eyebrows are jacked up. I'm growing them out :)

Been rocking my Beshe Drew synthetic lace front since last week. Love her! A lot of natural hair ladies have been rocking her for the last two years, so I'm a bit late, but hey. I got her from Elevate Styles when they had a free shipping promo a couple weeks ago. She was $35. I ordered her a Friday afternoon and got her Monday, so they have fast shipping...LOOOOVE ITTTT!  I got her in a #2 because they didn't have 1b at the time (and yes, I needed her right then!) I was a little worried about that since I've only ever did 1, 1b or a 1b mix with red in my weaves or wigs in the past. I didn't want it to look too "dusty" if you know what I mean. But the color is great! She has two combs to the front near the temple, one in the back and an adjustable strap. She definitely has about three curl patterns in her like other ladies have been saying. More of a wave to the front, afro to the back, and a loose spiral curl at the nape of the neck. Some ladies like that, some don't. I like it because she looks more natural to me that way. My real hair has at least two different curl patterns. Drew is cut in a great style, long on the sides, then angled going up to the back. This is my first lace front and the lace is a bit scratchy, but I have nothing to compare it to.

My Method
I followed Dezi1016's YouTube tutorial on how to cut the lace off without the wig head. I have one, but using the pins and all that made it seem more intense and scary to me. Her method, you just use a paper towel, fold it and put it along the hairline so you can see exactly where you're cutting. Holding it that way also just made it easier for me to cut. I didn't do a straight cut, I sort of zig zagged a bit (BridezillaMartina, mentioned below, recommended that). I rocked Drew just like that for a couple days and I was definitely self-conscious wearing her because I felt it screamed "LACE FRONT!", and was even considering pulling out some of my real hair along the front and sides like I was doing for the 1/2 wigs. But I figured that was defeating the purpose of a lace front. I was getting frantic! So I stopped being lazy and followed BridezillaMartina's YouTube tutorials (which I marked as favs well before buying the wig) on how to make the hairline realistic. Here's Part 1 and Part 2, take a look, she's fab.  I have a full protective style this way. THUMBS UP! Her tutorials involve tweezing the hairline and cutting/shearing in baby hairs. This wig claims to have a natural hairline, whatever that means, but it still needed some tweaking. I used a product recommended by muffinismylovers years ago to smooth down your edges and baby hairs and it works wonders for me. I use it to lay down my own edges, then the baby hair on the wig. It's called, ummm, I forgot, but when I remember I'll put that up. Before I did BridezillaMartina's method, the front of the wig would recede a bit and show my natural hair, which irked me, so I considered buying Wig It's Gripper, which isn't a glue, but just as sticky, so I was a little skeptical about that and figured I'd only use it as a last resort. Thank goodness I didn't have to get to that. I stopped wearing the combs to the front because I felt that pulled the wig forward, which is not cool, so I started putting two bobby pins at the sides instead for security. I bought a beige wig cap at first, that was too light, then I bought a dark brown which was better. Weird since I figured the beige would work more since the skin when we part is always lighter than our face. The dark brown is darker than me. Oh well, doesn't matter because yesterday I stopped wearing a wig cap underneath altogether. I know that protects the wig and your hair, but they were giving me headaches because they're so tight! I mean I have a small head, what do ladies with bigger heads do?? Today I forgot to put the bobby pins on the sides so I had a mild panic attack about that when I realized...then another one when I realized I didn't have my backup bobby pins in my handbag. But it's going good so far. If you see me in the street today with my wig hanging off my head, let me know please ;)

Btw, our pc died at home, so I haven't been able to upload the vids I did on her last week :( Hopefully we get it fixed soon! In the meantime, here are some more pics of today's style:

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