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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall Fashion for Less- Wedge Boots with Fold-Over Fur Cuffs **UPDATE**

Updates in red

So I went to Target last night to buy toothpaste for my son and somehow I found myself trying on and buying these:

Mossimo Supply Co. Kamea Wedge Boots

Errr, I went slightly off-track, but $28! I mean, why not? (Don't answer that). Plus, no one told Target to put them on the end-cap for me to notice on the way to the toothpaste aisle! Mind you, I prefer genuine leather and suede in any footwear that I purchase, especially if it is a timeless piece. Trends go by fast, by next year if they're out of style, I wouldn't have invested too much in them. BUT, they have to look good and not like I'm wearing flammable plastic. :/

The boots have that worn leather look and the fur is all the way inside as well. They are very cozy. The fur is in the flap only, but because they were so soft when I first put my foot in, I thought it was all the way through. That's a good thing! You can pull it up or wear it folded over like shown above. I normally wear a 7 1/2, but because of the fur, I bought the 8. Oh, by the way, it was the last size 8 so I had to buy them. I am a little worried that because they aren't genuine leather they won't hold up in wet weather, if at all. The heel is also what is called thermoplastic rubber and not rubber rubber (you know what I mean) and that's another thing I'm a bit skeptical about because it just sounds cheap, doesn't it? We shall see. I chose black because I have enough tan/brown/taupe boots. I haven't actually worn them, so I can't comment on the comfort. But fur + wedge should = comfortable, don't you think? Definitely not a walking shoe. They are a creeper because the fur makes you think comfort, and they are at first, but wedge or not, your foot is still on an incline and slowly but surely, the balls of my feet started hurting me. It probably didn't help that I wore them to run an errand on my lunch break. I have since taken them off at my desk. The rubber is great and provides good shock support though. They are also a nice looking pair of boots.

By the way, do NOT sleep on Target, they are truly the one-stop shop, their fashion is great, especially the designer brands that pop-up every few months. The trick is to wait and get them on clearance on the Target website ;) I always find stuff for myself, hubby and son, even better on sale.

Back to the boots, here are her more expensive siblings:

Aldo Peale, $90, material upper.
I actually prefer the taupe in these
Diba "Flower Girl" at Shoebuy, $120. Suede (I am guessing genuine since the word "faux" didn't preface it).

Rocket Dog's "Bonfire" at Zappos, $95. Faux suede and shearling.
"Francille" by Kelsi Dagger on Piperlime, $120. This is a different look but the same concept.

Now, 2 out of the 4 other boots I posted above are genuine materials and cost 3 times as much as the one I bought. You have to use your noggin when it comes to trends and fashion, it makes so sense spending that much for "faux" anything in my opinion. If genuine is what you want though, you're better off spending the extra $20 for the Diba or Kelsi Dagger pair than saving $20 and getting faux. Or you can buy the Mossimo ones and save that extra $90 altogether and spend it on some more Fall/Winter fashion. It's totally up to you =)

Okay, so I'm a nerd and found the definition of "thermoplastic rubber" on

Light in weight
Good tear strength
Excellent abrasion resistant

Excellent dimension stability
Low temperature flexible

Excellent weather resistant
Performs like vulcanized rubber
Reusable and recyclable
Excellent electrical properties

Superior in quality, the thermoplastic rubber offered by us is used in various industrial applications such as:

In footwear industry, thermoplastic rubber is used in the the production of shoes soles, loaters sole, safety shoes sole & industrial shoes sole, sports shoes sole, ski-boot soles, kiddy shoes sole and related decorative accessories, unisole. modifier asphalt, modification modifier for SMC (sheet moulding compound) and other thermoset & thermoplastic composites."

Doesn't sound so bad after all.

Happy shopping!

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