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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hair: Crochet Braids, Second Time

My first try didn't last long because I did my ratchet cornrows myself (lol) and they started loosening, so I had my cousin come over to braid it for me two weeks ago with a little braiding hair for my second try. I used the unfinished packs from the first time. Because I cut the hair in half I was able to get two styles from one pack of hair (1b). The purple is only pieces in the front so I still have a lot left in that pack.

This collage pic is my little journey. Top, 1- Cornrows with a little braiding hair. 2- Adding untwisted Havana Jumbo Twist hair in Purple and 1B. 12" cut in half. Bottom, 3- Hair is in, before cut and shape. 4- Cut, shaped and styled.

I did them over last night so I will be putting up a post about that soon.


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