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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

RiRi Hearts MAC RiRi Boy lipstick

Yes, I was one of the slew of people who sat at their desk and waited forever to order from Rihanna's line on June 25th. Can you believe they had an online waiting room?! Your computer spooled on the screen for hours with your stuff waiting to be checked out. I put my order through right at noon, by 1:30pm I was still held hostage at my desk with a spooling screen. I just said whatever and left to run an errand at JCP. While there I logged into their website from my phone and got right into my cart! I placed the order for RiRi Boy and Heaux lipsticks on my phone at 2pm while standing in JCP. When I got to work my screen was finally in my cart and I ordered another Heaux just in case. That one became back-ordered. I really wasn't interested in the highlighter and blush/bronzer duo since I have enough of those. Needless to say the whole line sold out except for RiRi Woo, since most people got that at the first launch. I got my lipsticks about 2 days later, and the backorder maybe last week.

I experimented with ways of putting it on and noticed that it works the best with my Avon lip primer. You cannot use anything too greasy or "slippery" underneath because it's a matte finish. It just doesn't apply properly.

In this pic I used MAC Heroine liner, RiRi Boy and dabbed a bit of MAC Nicki Minaj II lipglass on top. I find without the lipglass my lips look dry and cracked after a while. It's not a lipstick you can just put on and not worry about, at least not me. I'm constantly checking it in the mirror. I don't really go through that with Heaux. I'm thinking it's the color that makes it more noticeable.

Her next collection comes out on October 13th. Let me exercise my fingers from now :/

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